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The governor of Durango, Jose Rosas Aispuro Torres, refuses to deliver a Gulfstream Commander 1,000 executive aircraft, which was acquired by Queretaro businessmen in a public auction organized by the then Asset Administration and Disposal Service (SAE), of the Ministry of Finance, now converted into the Institute for Returning to the People the Stolen (Indep).

According to the complaint of the affected businessmen, the twin-engine aircraft, white with green stripes, serial number 96056, previous registration XB-RAL and current registration XC-AA19, was acquired in the electronic auction SEM22/21G whose process began on November 14, 2021, reported the newspaper Queretaro Code.

The SAE offered the aircraft in lot 2312. In order for the entrepreneurs to participate they made a security deposit for 100,000 pesos.

The agency set a starting price of six million 485,962 pesos and they offered six million 412,962 pesos, with which they won the bid, according to the corresponding ruling, issued on November 24, 2021.

The authority gave them 24 hours to pay 50% of the sale price, which they did, and five days to settle the rest, which they also did.

Once the amount was covered by the operation, the SAE gave them an invoice with non-cancellable CFDI.

The businessmen then requested to see the aircraft and permission to access it and make it airworthy.

SAE officials informed them that the aircraft was in Durango, under the protection of the state government, and summoned them for delivery on December 16, 2021, at the airport in the capital of Durango.

They went to the hangar of the state government, where they found the aircraft. On the site were Samuel Barcaza, pilot, accompanied by his co-pilot, both at the service of the governor, Jose Rosas Aispuro Torres, who told them that the president did not agree that the SAE had auctioned the aircraft it uses.

That same day the pilots informed the new owners that the aircraft was scheduled to transport the governor to Aguascalientes, which they would do and in less than two hours they would return it to that place to deliver it to him.

The plane did not return to the hangar and five hours later, SAE officials informed the businessmen that the governor does not want to return the plane and, therefore, they will not be able to deliver it to them.

During the three days that followed, they maintained contact with SAE officials and filed a complaint with the competent authorities so that they would formally hand over the aircraft to their property. However, in recent days, officials from the federal agency have only told them that they cannot make the delivery.

The businessmen filed an injunction, which, in theory, prevents the aircraft from being used and accused the Durango governor of theft, by maintaining possession of the aircraft, even though he knows that the SAE auctioned it off and it is officially owned by private individuals.

The delicate thing is that the businessmen signed, as part of the adjudication procedures, a certificate of delivery of the good, where it is stated that they are solely responsible for the use and destination of the device.

Those affected expressed their concern about the inability shown by the Institute for Returning to the People the Stolen to guarantee the delivery of an asset that was auctioned, especially since it is a federal government agency, which should offer the participants of the auctions that it organizes all the guarantees that what is offered at auction can be delivered to those who are awarded it .

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