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“We fired the actress Dawn of the Sea, pioneer of radio theater and an outstanding reference in cinema, television and theater. Our condolences to their families and loved ones, embracing them at this time of sorrow.” With those words, published on its Twitter account, the Argentine Association of Actors reported the death of one of the greatest stars of Argentine radio theater.

Aurora del Mar, whose real name was Aurora Rosa Borello, began her career when she was just a girl, at 13 in one of the stations in her native Bahía Blanca. As luck would have it, a radio director from Splendid listened to her and, predicting a great future for her, gave her his card so she could contact him if she wanted to make a career in Buenos Aires. She did not hesitate and ended up convincing her parents to settle in the big city.

That manager had not been wrong: in a short time he had already captivated the Buenos Aires audience and his talent for acting was such that more than one unsuspecting person ended up confusing fiction with reality. She told it as an anecdote, but it is well worth an example: while they were performing a recreation of the infamous lie, a very angry lady asked her at the door of the radio if she was Mary Tilford, the cruel character she had to play. She, proud, said yes, and the woman hit her with a bag that left her lying on the floor.

Like all the great actors and actresses of the first half of the last century, Aurora del Mar found in the radio the ideal platform to develop her acting career. There, he worked under Nené Cascallar and shared a cast with the other stars of the time: Oscar Casco, Hilda Bernard, Olga Zubarry, Eduardo Rudy, César Llanos, Héctor Coire, Oscar Rovito, Nydia Reynal, Sergio Malbrán, Mabel Landó, Jose Maria Langlais and Chela Ruiz.

Precisely, Bernard was one of her great friends. He also maintained a strong bond with Mirtha Legrand, with whom he used to chat on the phone, and with Osvaldo Miranda; In fact, due to their strong emotional bond, she served for some time as his personal secretary.

Aurora del Mar with her great friend Osvaldo Miranda
Aurora del Mar with her great friend Osvaldo Miranda

In addition to forming the most successful casts of Splendid, El Mundo, Belgrano, Excelcior, Radio Argentina and Radio Nacional, Aurora del Mar also knew how to shine both on stage and on the big screen.

His landing in the theater is also largely due to luck. An inveterate reader, Aurora accidentally entered a bookstore owned by Juan Vehíl, the renowned actor and director who is a member of one of the most important acting dynasties in the country. After exchanging a few words with her, Vehíl told her that her sister Luisa and the director Alejandro Casona were looking for an actress with her characteristics.

Vehíl was not wrong either. After taking a test, she was hired to be part of the cast of The house with the seven balconies. The staging lasted no less than three years on the bill. But as her career developed, Aurora became a woman. For this reason, the first year that the play was on the bill she fell in love, during the second she got married, and the last year she got pregnant.

It would shine later on crazy summer, along with Graciela Dufau and Raúl Lavié, and in Your crib is a tenement, directed by Rodolfo Graziano, and sharing the stage with Lavié, Luis Medina Castro, Tincho Zabala and Malvina Pastorino, among others.

In cinema, he made his debut in 1953 under the orders of Enrique Carreras in the best in school (1953). There she met another of her great friends: Lolita Torre, whom she accompanied during an extensive tour of Russia.

In total, he shot more than 25 films: married women (1954), Happy heart (1969), The boys from before did not use gel (1969), The boys in my neighborhood (1970), the hippie family (1971)those crazy years (1971), mom’s smile (1972), The little animals have fun (1982), The processed (1975), The crazies (1977) and the brave bars (1985), among them.

His transition to television took place in the sixties and he participated in successes from different decades such as love has a woman’s face, Italian girl comes to get married, They call me Sparrow, Time served, Daddy heart Y First fruits.

Aurora had two children. One of them, Claudio, followed in his footsteps and is dedicated to the locution. In recent times, it was he who functioned in some way as a vehicle between the actress and her audience. On his social networks, he uploaded clips of his mother reciting poetry and different postcards of his daily life.

The actress was living in a residence for older adults in Bernal, the town that she felt as her own and that she had lived in for several decades.

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