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1948 — Giuseppe Verdi’s opera “La Traviata” is performed for the first time in South Korea.

1951 — China rejects a United Nations proposal for a ceasefire in the Korean War.

1990 — South Korea’s Hyundai Group obtains formal permission from the USSR Chamber of Commerce and Industry to establish a subsidiary in Moscow, becoming the first domestic business group to do so.

1997 — Second-generation Korean novelist Miri Yu, living in Japan, wins the coveted Akutagawa Prize for her book “Family Cinema,” which depicts the relationships of scattered relatives who come together to make a film about their lives.

1998 — A medical team at Seoul National University Hospital succeeds in transplanting a Korean-made artificial heart into a patient, the first such operation in the country.

2004 — South Korea and the United States agree to move all US troops out of Seoul for the next three years.

2014 — North Korea proposes to stop all cross-border slander as of January 30 and calls for mutual action to prevent a nuclear calamity on the Korean peninsula.



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