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This summer, the changes and channel passes, even the most surprising, continue their hasty march to finish shape broadcast television in 2022.

As it is LA NATION had advanced, and as they themselves announced, Rodrigo Lussich and Adrian Pallares, today in charge of Intruders in the Show, the historical cycle of America, they will have their new program on the screen of eltrece.

The project, which is overseen by the content manager of the channel, Adrián Suar, has just been formalized with the signing of the contract of both journalists.

With the channel’s own production, the new program does not yet have a name, but it does have certain clear parameters. It will be morning, most likely at the same time they used to Los Angeles de la Mañana (LAM), and among its confirmed panelists are Karina Iavicoli, Paula Varela and a slight surprise: the actress and diva of the show Graciela Alfano.

This is the last week of the duo at the head of Intruders.  They will be replaced by Flor de la V
This is the last week of the duo at the head of Intruders. They will be replaced by Flor de la V

After signing the contract, and your the farewell of intruders, the drivers will take a few days of vacation before return to work on the pre-production of the new program.

Let’s remember that this is the last week of the duo in charge of the historic program created by Jorge Rial, since starting next Monday 24, Flor de la V will be the conductor of the cycle.

Host also of her own show on weekends The night of the V), the actress and host arrives with a new panel: The classics Marcela Tauro and Luis Ventura return and renew contract Maite Peñoñori and Virginia Gallardo. Marcela Baños leaves her chair and only stays on the channel as a host of saturday passion.

Everything seems to indicate that in this segment one of the most difficult battles of the 2022 rating will take place, with particular focus on the live programs of the so-called “second morning” (starting at 11).

Beyond the well-known “cans” that are always a prized wild card, such as Married with kids Y The Fox (which once again demonstrated its remarkable validity), at that time there will be new (or renewed) bets from Channel 9, América and especially from eltrece and Telefe, which still does not reveal too much how that segment will be shaped after the sudden departure of Florencia Peña.

For now, it is known that these days will land Georgina Barbarossa’s show, kitchen stories, but the big question is what will happen in March, when what everyone already considers a fact occurs: the arrival of Ángel de Brito to the channel of the colored balls. Will he compete directly with his former teammates Pallares and Lussich? Enjoying his vacation for now, De Brito still hasn’t fully revealed his new and long-awaited destination.

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