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Mexico City. The Secretary of Foreign Relations revealed yesterday afternoon the names proposed and/or designated by President López Obrador to hold positions in embassies, consulates and other positions in the Foreign Ministry itself.

The name of Alicia Bárcena -currently holding the position of Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)- will be the next director of the Matías Romero Institute, and could be the prelude to becoming Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

The president continues with the agreement he had with former PRI governors during last year’s elections. Carlos Miguel Aysa would fly from Campeche to the Dominican Republic to become an ambassador, a feasible scenario after the agreement between Morena and the political parties in the Senate to approve all the proposals regarding the appointment of ambassadors.

Layda Sansores, from Morena, replaced the PRI member Carlos Miguel Aysa as head of the Government of Campeche.

The former governor of Sonora Claudia Pavlovich will go to the capital of Catalonia, and unlike former governor Quirino Ordaz, former governor of Sinaloa, she will not require the placet of the Government of Spain.

Laura Esquivel, writer of the novel Como agua como chocolate, is proposed to be the head of the embassy in Brazil. Esquivel served as deputy for the Morena party between 2015 and 2018.

Pedro Salmerón would be the new ambassador in Panama. His time as director of the National Institute of Historical Studies of the Mexican Revolutions opened a controversy after declaring that the attempted kidnapping and death of businessman Eugenio Garza Sada was carried out by a “command of brave young people.”

From CDMX to Strasbourg

Alfonso Suárez del Real, former Secretary of Culture of the Government of Mexico City and, later, head of Claudia Sheinbaum’s office, is appointed head of the Mexican Liaison Office in Strasbourg.

The rest of the appointments are: Amparo Anguiano, to the embassy in Romania; Bruno Figueroa as ambassador to Portugal; Leopoldo de Gyves, Oaxacan political activist, to the embassy in Venezuela; Marcos Moreno, to the Consulate General in Nogales; Norma Pensado, to the embassy in Denmark; Carlos Peñafiel to the embassy in the Republic of Korea; María Victoria Romero, to the embassy in Azerbaijan, Eduardo Villegas Megías, to the Russian embassy; Guillermo Zamora, to the embassy in Nicaragua and Carolina Zaragoza, to the embassy of the Republic of Ireland.

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