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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador made 16 appointments for the representations of Mexico abroad, among which the proposals of two PRI members stand out, the former governor of Sonora, Claudia Pavlovich Arellano, as consul in Barcelona and former governor of Campeche, Carlos Miguel Aysa Gonzalez, as ambassador to the Dominican Republic.

The Secretary of Foreign Relations (SRE) detailed in a statement that the proposals of the chief executive must be ratified by the Senate of the Republic.

It should be remembered that in 2021, President Andrés Manuel invited several former governors from opposition parties to join his government.

On October 31, the National Political Council of the PRI denied Quirino Ordaz, former governor of Sinaloa and who was proposed by López Obrador as ambassador of Mexico in Spain, the request for a license to his PRI militancy, which he formally processed.

Among the appointments, the proposal to Pedro Agustin Salmeron as ambassador of Mexico in Panama.

In September 2019, Salmerón was involved in a controversy when he was head of the National Institute of Historical Studies of Mexican Revolutions, when the historian called “brave young people of the September 23 Communist League” the group of dissidents who tried to kidnap the businessman from Monterrey. Eugenio Garza, on September 17, 1973.

The appointments announced by the SRE are:

  • Amparo Anguiano, currently general director for Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East of the SRE, to the Mexican embassy in Romania.
  • Carlos Miguel Aysa, former governor of Campeche, to the Mexican embassy in the Dominican Republic.
  • Laura Beatriz Esquivel, award-winning writer and former federal deputy, to the Mexican embassy in Brazil.
  • Bruno Figueroa, current ambassador to the Republic of Korea, to the Mexican embassy in Portugal.
  • Leopoldo de Gyves, political and social leader with extensive experience, as ambassador of Mexico in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
  • Pablo Monroy Conesa, currently deputy legal consultant “A” in the Foreign Ministry, as ambassador of Mexico in the Republic of Peru.
  • Marcos Moreno Baez, currently commissioner of the SRE in the Ministry of the Interior, to the Consulate General of Mexico in Nogales.
  • Claudia Pavlovich Arellano, former governor of Sonora, who will serve as head of the Mexican consulate in Barcelona.
  • Standard Thought, current Mexican ambassador to the Russian Federation, to the Mexican embassy in Denmark.
  • Carlos Penafiel, current Mexican ambassador to the Dominican Republic, to the Mexican embassy in Korea.
  • Mary Victoria Romero, current coordinator for G20, MIKTA and Political Issues with European Countries of the SRE, to the Mexican embassy in Azerbaijan.
  • Pedro Agustin Salmeron, doctor in History from UNAM and an expert in the History of Mexico, to the Mexican embassy in Panama.
  • Alfonso Suarez del Real, current head of office of the Government Headquarters in Mexico City, who will serve as head of the Mexican Liaison Office in Strasbourg.
  • Eduardo Villegas Megias, current coordinator of Historical and Cultural Memory of Mexico, to the Mexican embassy in the Russian Federation.
  • William Zamora, writer and journalist with a long career, to the Mexican embassy in Nicaragua.
  • Carolina Zaragoza Flowers, who recently served as general director of Consular Services, to the Mexican embassy in Ireland.

The agency also announced the appointment of Alicia Barcena Ibarra as general director of the Matías Romero Institute, when her term as secretary of the Economic Commission for Latin America (ECLAC) ends.

The Foreign Ministry also announced that it will convene a special competition for 10 appointments as holders in embassies and consulates general of Mexico. “The bases and deadlines of the aforementioned contest will be announced in the near future”, detailed the SRE.


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