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Brenda Asnicar was the guest of the last edition of It’s not too late (Telefe), the late night show who drives German Paoloski, and surprised with a profound reflection on the idiosyncrasy of Argentines and the current situation of the music industry.

The artist answered a series of questions and then had to confirm some statements she had made in the past. “Here everyone is very enlarged”, Paoliski read in reference to a saying of Asnicar in an old interview. Immediately afterwards, he asked him if he ratified that idea or if, on the other hand, he rectified it. Although the former Ugly Duckling he did not remember having said those words, he took the opportunity to analyze the reality of his colleagues.

Brenda Asnicar: “Argentines are quite complaining”

“I don’t know where I have said that or if they are taking me out of context,” Asnicar began by saying and continued: “I have felt for a long time that in music and in the new generations, this happens a lot that artists are very concerned about being on the radio or being famous or having visits on their networks. And out there, any person who has millions of visits believes that he is better than another person who has no visits out there but who is very talented and has studied all his life.

Brenda Asnicar as Gilda
Brenda Asnicar as Gildaroom 1520

The actress who plays Gilda in the series I am Gilda: love is a miracle, of imminent release, clarified that he does not like to generalize but that, in his opinion, “the Argentine is quite complaining and sometimes it is difficult for us to assess. I think we should value the beautiful country we have more”, he remarked.

From her experience, having had the opportunity to travel and live abroad, both in Colombia and Venezuela, Asnicar reaffirms her Argentine identity and feels proud of her country. “I always come back because I feel that we have a beautiful country, that it has incredible highways, that it has very good things, a lot of talent, a very good national industry.. I feel that we have to value that much more, ”he insisted.

Furthermore, it revealed that she sold her car because she was exhausted from dealing with traffic and everyday life on the street. “I was tired of having to look for parking, that the other one comes and steals my place, having to fuck me, that the little cloth, that this, that that… bye, guys,” she said. How do you move now? Neither with a driver, nor by taxi: he prefers public transport, more precisely the subway. “I love going on the subway”, assured Asnicar and Paoloski asked if they recognize her. “Yes, all good, people respect me. Before in Ugly Duckling, when I was a phenomenon, people used to throw themselves at me a little but now time has passed, people already know, I know”, answered the artist who, in her role as a singer, calls herself bandit.

The pandemic has also helped her travel on public transportation without fear of being swarmed by her fans. “The one I love is the one with the little fist, for me it’s the best”, assured Asnicar in reference to the new greeting in times of coronavirus. And he said that it helped to change the habit of Argentines we were to kiss and hug everyone. “Now with the little fist I loved it, that’s it”, he celebrated.

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