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Carol Wright has confessed that she was terrified to go under the knife for breast surgery after deciding to have cosmetic surgery to avoid back problems.

The 61-year-old reality star is mother to daughter Jess, 36, son Mark, 34, son Josh, 32, and daughter Natalya, 21.

Carol says her breasts “emptied out” after having her first three children, so she went under the knife to augment her breasts.

But as she got older, she feared her larger breasts might damage her back and leave her with poor posture like her own mother, so she made the brave decision to go under the knife again after her 60th birthday.

Carol Wright has discussed her reasons and fears related to her recent breast surgery



Speaking to the panel on Loose Women, Carol said: “I felt confident, but I just wanted to be more comfortable because they seemed to have too much weight on my body.

“I didn’t opt ​​for these big breasts that she had. I had them when I was younger after having three kids and they just emptied out and I thought, ‘I need a little implant.’

“They lasted so long and they were great, but suddenly I looked in the mirror one day and thought, ‘If I don’t do this before I’m 60, I’ll never have the guts to do it. that.”

Carol admitted she was “so scared” that she would be put under anesthesia at age 60.



She explained that her own mother’s back pain inspired her to act.

Carol said, “My mother’s posture wasn’t very good and I thought, ‘If I end up in the same posture as my mother…’ I was thinking, ‘They give me back pain’ because they are so heavy.

“I have a small frame, so it just didn’t fit me and I thought, ‘I want to be able to feel confident when I look in the mirror.’”

Carol went on to explain that she, too, had cosmetic reasons for her procedure.

She explained, “I personally felt very uncomfortable when I looked at myself in the mirror. I just thought, ‘I don’t want the position they’re in. I wanted to feel more secure. I thought, ‘If I don’t do it now, I’ll never do it.’”

Carol is looking forward to picking up her grandchildren later this year after her daughter, Jess Wright, gives birth.


pretty little thing)

She also admitted that she was afraid of being operated on later.

She said: “I was embarrassed that the boys knew, but when I spoke to the girls, they agreed. All I was worried about was undergoing anesthesia at such an advanced age. I was very scared.”

Given that her oldest daughter, Jess, and blonde son, Josh, will soon be destroying themselves as parents, Carol said there was an additional reason why she was happy to have her boobs done.

She said, “Another reason why this [her new breasts] it’s good because they’re smaller, so I can pick them up more.”

During her Loose Women talk, Carol also touched on her son Mark’s recent cancer scare.

The reality star underwent an operation last year to remove a tumor that had grown under her arm, which she rarely fears could be cancer.

Carol said: “It’s been going on for a while and we don’t really worry about it because my husband has the same but much smaller lump under his arms. So I used to say, ‘That’s the same kind of lump I have, Mark.’ There’s nothing wrong.

Carol’s son, Mark Wright, had a cancer scare last year.



She added: “Finally, it started to grow and when he told us that it was growing, we got worried. It wasn’t until the night before he had surgery that I slept with my husband and said, ‘Say this is serious?’ and my husband reassured me and said, ‘No, he’s going to be fine’ because that’s the way my husband handles things.

“And I stayed up that night thinking, ‘My God, what would we do if it was actually cancer?’ Thank God it was not and it was successful, and it has been cut… It was not cancerous. Although it was very big, very big.”

Mark has already spoken about his battle for health, and his relief to learn that the tumor was not cancerous after it was removed.

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