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The National Baking and Stock Commission (CNBV) continued with its sanctioning activity at the beginning of 2022 and by January it published 103 sanctions, of which 94 correspond to fines, four suspensions and five reprimands.

According to the update of its sanctions portal corresponding to this month of January, the 94 published fines have a value of 37 million 890,867 pesos, among which 22 stand out for the popular financial company (sofipo) We believe you, eight to Donde Foundation, five to HSBC México, three to today revoked I turn on Banco, among other.

The 22 fines applied to We believe you, which add up to an amount of 7.9 million pesos, were due to failures in their prevention systems money laundering Y terrorist financing, detected in a visit by the regulatory body in 2019, where deficiencies were manifested in its automated systems, poorly reported operations, relevant movements that were not reported to the CNBV, lack of a risk-based approach system, an erroneous policy to build the transactional profile of clients, among other breaches.

This medium consulted We believe you, which as of last September concentrated 10.2% of the assets of the sofipos to position itself as the third largest entity of the same, in order to know its position; however, until the publication of this note there was no response from the entity, which is part of We Believe You Holding, a firm that has been very active in terms of acquisitions of financial entities in recent months.

Another entity that did not come off well in said update of the CNBV, it was the bank Donde Foundation, which appears nine times, with a reprimand and eight fines, totaling 6.9 million pesos, for breaches of the Credit Institutions Law.

Regarding the five fines to the bank HSBC, these, which add up to an amount of 672,900 pesos, were due to non-compliance with the Law of Credit Institutions and the General Law of Auxiliary Credit Organizations and Activities.

For its part, the today revoked Accendo Banco was also sanctioned on three occasions for a total amount of 3.1 million pesos, especially for deficiencies in internal control, incorrect accounting records and not complying with the obligations related to portfolio qualification and preventive reserves. .

Among the fines that stand out in this month’s update, the one applied to the Central Securities Counterparty stands out, for an amount of just over 3 million pesos, this for charging tariffs not authorized by the CNBV.

Likewise, the CNBV issued a penalty Lala Group for a total of 2.2 million pesos, for not providing information or documentation within the term established for stock market issuers.


The 103 sanctions published by the CNBV for this month of January they stand out compared to those that the agency published in the same period of 2021, when it only published three sanctions, as well as 2020, when it published 49 infractions.

Sources consulted refer that many of the sanctions published this month correspond to processes that began when Juan Pablo Graf Noriega was the president of the CNBV and who in October 2021 was replaced by Juan Jesús de la Fuente Rodríguez.

In addition to the published fines, four suspensions to foreign exchange centers stand out.


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