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Queretaro, Qro. From the partners of the Querétaro Business Center of the Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic (Coparmex), only 56.9% considered that it is a good time to invest, compared to the previous year, according to the study Data Coparmex 2.0, which in this indicator yields results from the survey carried out between October and December of the previous year.

the president of Coparmex in Querétaro, Jorge Camacho Ortega, affirmed that the spirit to invest in the state is related to the national panorama, since even when there have been investment announcements in the state, there are projects that are stopped because they perceive uncertainty before federal reform proposals such as the electric

“Much of the investment that Querétaro has is foreign and I would tell you that there are several elements (that influence the mood to invest); first, the uncertainty about the national, political context and, in particular, the constitutional reforms; the reform of the electrical system, which has halted investments in the country; and in the particular case of Querétaro, although investments have been announced (…) they are on hold, waiting to see what happens with this reform that is already being discussed in open parliament,” he said.

According to the local president, this environment affects not only Querétaro, but also permeates other entities.

“If we isolate Querétaro from the national context, the figure would be very different, there would be a lot of encouragement to invest in Querétaro, it has all the geographic, political, legal, security, paperwork conditions, in short, it has all the conditions to be one of the best investment poles in the country, but we are affected by this national context that affects the entire country”, he declared.

With this percentage, the state ranks 12th at the national level, where the greatest encouragement to invest was in Quintana Roo with 72.7% of the partners who considered it so, as well as in Campeche with 68.8% and in Guerrero with 67.2% of the partners.

On the contrary, the states with the least spirit to invest are Zacatecas with 30.8%, Tabasco with 31.9% and Coahuila with 42.1% of the partners who considered it was a good time to invest. At the national level, the result was 53.8% of the partners who indicated that it was a good time to make investments.


The mood to invest in Mexico increased 16.7 percentage points in the last year, since in 2020 only 37.1% of Coparmex partners considered that it was a good time to invest, unlike the 53.8% that resulted from the survey at the end of the 2021.

In the country, when asking the partners of Coparmex what was the main obstacle for their business to grow, 28% answered that the uncertainty about the economic context, 19% that uncertainty about the political context, for 16% it is insecurity, for 14% the lack of resources or credit, for 10% the high cost of supplies, in addition 5% indicated that they would have to pay more taxes and 5% stated that the procedures are very expensive.

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