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Faced with the difficulty in appeasing the spirits and passions exalted by the early signal for the start of the succession process, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has had to deploy all his skill at political chess.

The same thing appears to be “coordinating” Cuitláhuac García from Veracruz with the head of the Government of CDMX, Claudia Sheinbaum, who are blowing wild winds in the Senate or suggest heading the OAS as a goal for Foreign Minister Ebrard.

Very clear signs in favor of Dr. Sheinbaum, they say. Yes, but 22 months is a lot. Is there a guarantee that circumstances will not change? It would not be the first time that the majority misunderstands the president. Review the story.

They will make sacrificial plays on the opposition

Sacrifice plays are a familiar device to baseball fans, when a batter intentionally seeks to be called out in order to advance teammates on base.

They demand will and humility, qualities that whoever accepts the presidential candidacy of the opposition alliance must have in excess, as well as a solid narrative that transmits to their supporters the security of victory.

Thus, even if the Alliance presidential candidate loses by denying Morena a qualified majority, leaving her with minimal advantages in Congress and winning important municipalities, the Alliance will have a future.

Banamex, great topic of conversation

Although it won’t be until spring when the Banamex sale process announced by Citigroup, the CEO of the multinational financial company Jane Fraser, begins, for months it will be a topic, I mean a topic, a great song for public discussion.

Proposals for the State to appropriate the heritage of collections and historical buildings owned by Banamex will be discussed, hotly debated. Or why not? Possible state investment in the institution will be encouraged only as a discussion.

Anyway, one more topic that will entertain, in this case, business personalities, potential or ladino “investors” and, when necessary, will be put on the table, for the attention of public opinion.

Swirling Notes

Despite the optimism of some clinging, the sad reality is that when one speaks of former PAN presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya, one can use, again, the language of a baseball narrator: “he’s gone, he’s gone, he’s gone”… Regardless of whether the head of the SHCP, Rogelio Ramírez de la O, will have to present to Palacio the case for more budget for the National Migration Institute. They are already announcing another caravan of migrants leaving Honduras… It seems that the magic figure required by law has already been reached so that the call for the consultation for the constitutional revocation of the mandate can be held in April, if the differences are resolved budget. We’ll see… It seems that the Republic is recovering the perverse habit of resolving political differences between local or regional groups by shooting, as if the violence of organized crime gangs were not enough… In the Art of War, by Sun Tzu a valuable political advice: “if you use the enemy to defeat the enemy, you will be powerful wherever you go”…

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