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The director of the Mexican Association of Road Infrastructure Concessionaires (AMCIVAC), Marco Frías, considered that the growing toll evasion on highways has caused losses of some 1,500 million pesos in the country in the last year (mainly in the State of Mexico , Sonora and Jalisco), also generates security risks for people who get off their units to remove the vehicle access boom and pass.

There is also a record of public transport units and motorcycles that frequently cross the booths without paying.

To deal with this problem, an affiliated company (Aleatica) will put into operation today a deterrence system in the T-2 Las Américas toll plaza, located at kilometer 38+906 of the Circuito Exterior Mexiquense (CEM), in the State of of Mexico, by means of which the tires will be punctured to those who pass without making their payment. The measure has the endorsement of the authorities of the entity, it is the result of the joint work that has been carried out in recent months and the users of the highway were informed in a timely manner.

“After the taking of booths was controlled, which between 2019 and 2020 generated losses of about 7,000 million pesos, a variant of the road huachicol has emerged, which is evasion, which is growing and should not be allowed. It must be said that it is a small group of users, because the majority act correctly”, Frías referred.

The AMCIVAC, created in 2018 to address problems in the sector, has 11 affiliated companies that represent 75% of the network concessioned to private companies, including: Pinfra, Aleatica, ICA, Red de Carreteras de Occidente (RCO) and Roadis .

In an interview, its director said that the loss of 1,500 million pesos has a direct impact on federal or state administrations because taxes are not collected and affect their government budgets.

Aleatica starts today

This Tuesday, Aleatica will put into operation its deterrence system in the booth that mostly faces the situation in order to protect the safety and physical integrity of users and operating personnel. Previously, the firm carried out various tests to guarantee proper operation. “In recent months there has been an increase in the number of vehicle and public transport drivers who, in order to evade payment of the fee, break down the barriers installed at toll booths, using a series of risky methods” , he detailed.

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