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A five-year ban on access to stadiums operated by the Mexican Football Federation will be the punishment for fans who incur in discriminatory acts in matches of the The Mexican Futbol selection.

“We want discriminatory acts to end, for our national team to stop being affected and for the responsible people to be punished and not the majority of our fans, who have already understood that the cry of ‘fucking’ affects us all,” He said One of Luisa, president of the FMF at a press conference.

That homophobic scream It occurred in many cases in matches of the Mexican team at times when the rival goalkeeper is about to take the ball from the area.

The measure was taken as a result of the local veto parties that the FIFA Disciplinary Committee imposed on the Mexican team due to the persistent homophobic cries from fans in Mexican stadiums.

Last September, Mexico had to play against Jamaica behind closed doors at home in the Aztec stadium the first day of the octagonal Concacaf for the 2022 World Cup as a sanction for the homophobic cry that was heard in the pre-Olympic tournament held in March.

Later, in November, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee imposed a two-game ban for the same reason after the shouts raised in the octagonal matches against Canada and Honduras, in October.

“We will not be able to tolerate discriminatory acts, we cannot play in empty stadiums, we cannot put the soccer authorities at risk of taking points away from us,” warned Yon de Luisa.

Four measures against screaming

In December, the FMF turned to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) after receiving the two-match veto imposed by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee and managed to make the sanction ineffective for the matches against Costa Rica on January 30 and against Panama on February 2.

Even so, the FMF decided to play those two games without an audience, but a pilot test will be carried out with a group of about 2,000 fans to implement practices in order to eradicate the scream.

From these two games, fans must register their ticket with their personal data on an internet portal to obtain a digital code that will be presented at the stadium along with an ID.

Inside the stadiums, dynamics will be implemented to promote respect and healthy coexistence.

The number of security elements trained to identify and remove from the stadiums people who incur in discriminatory acts will increase.

People who are removed from the stadium will not be able to attend the matches of the Mexican team, operated by the FMF, for a term of five years.

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