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The Service tax administration (SAT) revealed that the tax revenue of the federal government grew 1.1% last year compared to 2020, the treasury maintains that this increase occurred “despite the Covid-19 pandemic and that the economic reactivation is just beginning.

In this sense, the SAT collected 3.5 billion pesos, with which it exceeded what was programmed in the Federal Income Law (LIF) of 2021, which estimated 3.3 billion pesos. In this way, there was an advance of 101% with respect to what was foreseen in the LIF 2021, revealed the SAT in its income report between January-December of last year.

The Income tax (ISR) registered 1.8 billion pesos, this meant an annual growth of 1.7 percent. The Value Added Tax (VAT) 1.1 billion pesos, which meant an increase of 7.7 percent.

Meanwhile the Special tax on production and services (IEPS) left the treasury 399,154 million pesos, this reflected an annual drop of 18%. The drop in the IEPS is mainly due to the fiscal stimuli that the federal government carries out to protect the price of fuel.

According to the SAT, the fuel stimulus amounted to 104,076 million pesos in 2021, this was an increase of 30 times more than what was allocated in 2020.

At the same time, the body led by Raquel Buenrostro Sanchez reported that the total income of the federal government fell 0.2% compared to the period January-December 2020.

Likewise, the additional collection efforts reached an amount of 524,426 million pesos, despite the real variation was 0 percent.

Large taxpayers contributed 50% of the income

The control of the 11,831 large taxpayers left the treasury with a collection of 1.7 billion pesos, which represented 50% of the tax collection.

“Without considering Pemex, in 2021 the collection of Large Taxpayers increased with respect to 2018 and 2019 by 2.1% and 6.2%, in real terms, respectively, discounting income tax withholdings for wages and salaries; as well as VAT withholdings”, detailed the SAT.

For its part, the collection of wages and salaries tax left the treasury 888,572 million pesos (25% of the total); legal entities, 807,585 million pesos (23%); and individuals, 93,806 million pesos (2%).

Internal contributions, 72% of tax revenues

Of the 3.5 billion pesos of tax revenue, internal contributions reached 2.5 billion pesos; this was 72% of total tax revenue.

“Internal contributions decreased 1.8% in real terms due to the increase in returns; This variation does not reflect the economic reality since, methodologically, both internal and foreign trade returns are reduced by internal contributions”, details the SAT.

In this sense, tax refunds ranged from 710,459 million pesos, 8.3% more than what was returned in 2020. Large taxpayers represented 72.3% of the total amount with 513,886 million pesos. While the General Administration of Federal Tax Audit returned to taxpayers the remaining 196,573 million pesos.

The resolutions to paid applications, compared to the same period last year, increased 23.8%, this represented 1.1 million more procedures.

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