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If there is someone who knew how to literally put his partner’s family in his pocket, that is without a doubt Camilo Echeverry, who, after marrying Evaluna, the youngest daughter of Ricardo Montaner, has become another “son” more for the interpreter of “I’m going to miss you”. For this reason, every time we mention the name of this young singer, it is impossible not to immediately relate it to his wife, who is expecting their first child.

Although we all know that their relationship began in 2015, we cannot deny that before they met, there were other people in their lives for whom they yearned. As they themselves pointed out on the YouTube channel they have together, when they first saw each other in 2014, they were each dating someone else.

Although, until now nothing is known about who was the then partner of the minor of the Montaner clan; quite the opposite happens with the young woman who stole the heart of the Colombian artist. And it is that she until now keeps photos of her ex-partner on her social networks and the affectionate comments that he made several years ago. Next, everything that is known about this woman. What’s more, It went viral among the fans of the artist couple for its great resemblance to Evaluna.

Camilo with his wife Evaluna Montaner;  the couple is expecting their Indigo baby in early April
Camilo with his wife Evaluna Montaner; the couple is expecting their Indigo baby in early AprilInstagram: @camilo

This is Gabriela Andrade Vélez, a Colombian who turned 28 last December and that on her Instagram account she describes herself as “A Colombian more Venezuelan than the arepa.” Through his social networks, he frequently shares photos of his family, especially of his daughter Federica, who in April 2021 was celebrating her second birthday.

Gabriela is married since August 2017 with Nicolás, 30 years old, with whom he also has several photos on his social network in which he dedicates tender words to him. “I’m not wrong about you. Thank you for giving everything, every day my fat man. You are the best dad my fat girl could have. We love and value you every day of our lives. Like you, few”, he wrote in June 2021.

The family of Camilo's ex-girlfriend
The family of Camilo’s ex-girlfriendGabriela Andrade / Instagram

What’s more, The mother of the family is a pet lover, especially her dog Pascal, whom she adores. What’s more, I dedicate an Instagram account to upload everything about him: @elgranpascal.

Gabriela Andrade poses with her dog Pascal
Gabriela Andrade poses with her dog PascalGabriela Andrade / Instagram

the romance between Camilo Echeverry and Gabriela Andrade would have occurred between 2013 and 2014, as shown by the woman’s Instagram account, who has kept photos with the singer until now. It’s more, He also kept the comments that the “Tutu” singer dedicated to him when they were very young.

“Amooo”, “You can see those divine little eyes”, “My beautiful fat girl, how beautiful you are”, “Guapurita!”, “Uff!! I melted” and “Gabriela, I melt with this photo”, were some of the comments that Ricardo Montaner’s current son-in-law wrote to who was his partner at the time.

In the images in which both appear on Andrade’s social network, Camilo and the woman are seen when they were very young, alone and accompanied by their group of friends. The reasons why they ended their relationship are not yet known, although followers speculate that She could be the person who inspired the song “Expensive Clothes”, since she learned that he created it for an old girlfriend whose identity he did not reveal.

An image of Camilo with the young woman from July 21, 2013
An image of Camilo with the young woman from July 21, 2013Gabriela Andrade / Instagram +
A photo of the couple during their dating years
A photo of the couple during their dating yearsGabriela Andrade / Instagram
In his comments, Camilo expressed his love for Gabriela
In his comments, Camilo expressed his love for GabrielaGabriela Andrade / Instagram

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