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While the last hours of the preseason are going through in San Martín de los Andes, the coach Marcelo Gallardo He has one certainty: he wants to reinforce the sides of both bands. Beyond that it has Robert Rojas and Alex Vigo to the right and that has milton helmet on the left and awaits the resolution of the case of Fabrizio Angileri, River’s manager cree It is necessary to strengthen the internal competition of two crucial positions in its football structure. And that is why the millionaire leadership works to fulfill that desire.

The most concrete negotiation was Fabrizio Bustos, but it stalled. Although River and Independiente had very advanced talks with early agreements and contract offers were made for the player, a handbrake appeared that cooled everything. as far as he could tell THE NATION, in Núñez they assure that they no longer negotiate for the 25-year-old right back: they got tired of waiting for a positive answer that does not come.

Fabricio Bustos was the priority to reinforce the right side.  It was far away.
Fabricio Bustos was the priority to reinforce the right side. It was far away.Daniel Jayo – THE NATION

What happened? As Bustos in June has decided to keep the pass in his possession, the player began to negotiate as a free agent. Because, River made various contractual proposals and a sum to buy a percentage of his pass, in addition to making an economic compensation to Independiente so as not to break relations between the institutions. From club to club, everything went along the normal lines, but an agreement could never be reached due to the inflexible position of the player and his representative Nazareno Marcollese: they wanted much higher figures for the contract and the transfer percentages, while consider alternatives from abroad for June that are unattainable in Argentina.

After more than three weeks of crossed talks, in River they decided not to wait any longer: they understand that the idea of ​​​​the Red side is to keep the pass in their possession and emigrate abroad. If the negotiation is revived, it will be due to a radical change in the attitude of Bustos and his agent. But, meanwhile, the leadership headed by Jorge Brito is already looking for alternatives. For this reason, the first informal contacts by Marcelo Herrera, who has a contract in San Lorenzo until December 2023. From Núñez they picked up the phone and contacted Mauro Cetto, manager of Ciclón, and Gustavo Lescovich, agent of the side, to find out conditions and possibilities. They agreed to talk again, but there was still neither a formal offer nor a new call.

A postcard of River in San Martín de los Andes
A postcard of River in San Martín de los Andes

“I know that River wants Herrera. If he leaves immediately it would be a problem for me. You have to go out and find something. I understand that San Lorenzo needs the money because they live off the sales of the players, like everyone else. Therefore, if I were a leader, I would understand the sale”, said Pedro Troglio, brand new technician of the Cyclone. In addition, the footballer himself expressed himself about the explosion of his name in the market: “I spoke with my representative and he told me that something could come in the week, but my head is set here. He is in charge of any offers that may be made with the club leaders, and they will see that it is the best”.

On the other hand, on the left wing, the priority is still Fabrizio Angileri. Beyond not having been part of the preseason in San Martín de los Andes and the logical wear and tear produced by a tense and extensive negotiation, the millionaire coaching staff wants an agreement to be reached to once again have the 27-year-old winger.

as far as he could tell THE NATION, in recent days steps have been taken forward: the parties came closer a little on the conditions of the future contract (number of years, salary, forms of payment and termination clause), but during Monday in River they waited for a call from the representative Pascual Lezcano, which did not come. While the agent is in Venezuela working with José Pekerman, from the player’s environment it is ensured that this communication could take place in the next few hours.

In this case there is a central question: the left-hander has been looking for a way out abroad for a long time. With a community passport and without having taken the leap, in June he could leave with the pass in his possession and his agent manages irresistible contracts from the economic point of view. In addition, they maintain that in the last market in the club they rejected two offers from Italy and Turkey. Despite this, the man from Mendoza does not want to go free, so he hopes to reach an agreement to sign. Meanwhile, in River they assure that there are no formal offers for the player, that a significant economic improvement was made in the last rejected proposal and a future exit abroad was provided, but that Lezcano remains without concrete answers and does not show such a malleable position to renew.

Thus, with three surnames on the scene for two crucial positions, Gallardo waits to outline his squad in 2022. What if Angileri finally doesn’t fix it? For now, there is no name that clearly stands out as a possible incorporation, beyond the offer that came for Milton Valenzuela (plays in Columbus Crew, of Major League Soccer), which was discarded. Or that of Marcelo Saracchi, who passed through the club in the Gallardo cycle, was sold to Europe and is now free.

River already has Tomás Pochettino, Leandro González Pirez and Emanuel Mammana and Juanfer Quintero will arrive in the next few hours, but the DT is not satisfied and goes for more: he wants to have a large and competitive squad to fight on all fronts.

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