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Second-hand shopping has changed from being one of people’s last choices to one of their first, especially as we find ourselves in an era where sustainability is one of the clear pillars of society and governments. Hamelyn, the second-hand book reselling startup, and accelerated by Juan Roig’s investment company, Shuttle, tries to expand its business in the coming months to a new line of products: the sale of ‘physical media’ (physical media materials) such as vinyl, DVDs, among others.

The company’s clear objective is to add as many categories as possible so that users sell anything with just one click As the co-founder of the startup tells La Información, Left Valentine. Hamelyn is the sole intermediary between the buyer; that is, they buy the product, receive it and then sell it, so they are not a ‘marketplace’ although they do not rule out that in the future they can reach it. Now their goal is still to expand the book business, but they hope soon be able to expand its range to reproduction products.

Izquierdo assures that they chose vinyl or video games because in terms of technology it does not require a greater effort since they use the same method: they read the barcode of the product, they give them an instant price of the purchase and they are paid within 24 hours. Hamelyn’s service then integrates with major marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and they sell them. “We want to have our online store, with a service as if it were Amazon; that is to say, tomorrow you have it at home, it has verified quality, correct prices and guarantees”, indicates.

Hamelyn’s future

In October the company closed a round of 1 million euros that was led by the funds Cabiedes & Partners Luis Martín Cabiedes, venture capital investor and also shareholder of the startup Cocunat or Tiendeo; Itnig, through your background Itnig Future One, and Angels Capital, the investment arm of the owner of Mercadona. Hamelyn entered Lanzadera in May 2021 to grow, and although at the beginning they did not have the need for capital, they decided to knock on the door of the funds that interested them in order to continue their expansion. Although the key percentages of the shareholders have not been disclosed, the owners have more than 80% control of the company.

Although they look towards other projects, the book sector is still ideal for them: they believed that it fit with their business model and they knew it was a market that would go up. Even from the Spanish Confederation of Guilds and Associations of Booksellers (Cegal) they highlighted that 2021 was “exceptionally good” for the sector, which was also reflected in the company’s numbers. They closed their first year with almost 30,000 orders, increased their workforce to 20 employees, and reached a warehouse capacity of more than 1,000 square meters with more than 100,000 references in stock.

Among its main shareholders are Cabiedes & Partners, Itnig and Angels Capital. The founders still run 80% of the company.

This year within their business plan they will seek to expand their storage capacity because they want to exceed half a million references. In addition, its objective will be to overcome the 100,000 orders and create new synergies with Amazon Mexico or the United States to gain a larger market share. They currently ship to more than 30 countries such as Norway, China, Singapore, Chile or Mexico, which represent 10% of the sales they achieve. “We can expand to Portugal soon because it is managed from Spain, but it is still on ‘stand by'”.

By the year 2023 they are thinking of other lines such as the sale of clothing or furniture, but they indicate that “with this type of business we will have to adapt to many things, both in terms of technology and warehouse space”, for which reason they still they keep it in the inkwell to focus on their current projects: strengthen its purchasing model, hire technical talent such as programmers to be able to be connected internationally, and include more technology in its operations, three of the objectives that will be achieved with the capital increase in October.

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