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“Hello good day. Welcome to very morning! And you will say what that girl is doing there. Yes, I am with Fabián Medina Flores”, Estefanía Berardi launched this Tuesday from the screen of City Magazine while explaining that Like Carmen Barbieri, her partner Pampito had symptoms of covid. “He woke up with a fever of 38 and a sore throat. We are going to have it by Zoom”, anticipated the panelist accompanied by the fashion stylist.

Before starting an atypical program, Berardi got the call from Carmen Barbieri, the morning news host who was watching very attentively from her house. “Hello, how nice to see you. How nice it is to see my program from bed”, he expressed later tell in great detail how is going through the virus for the second time” class=”com-link” data-reactroot=””>is going through the virus for the second time. “I feel like yesterday, maybe a little more sore in my body. I don’t have a fever, I saturate well, but my bed throws me off. The doctor told me that I’m going to feel bad for three days,” he said.

And immediately, the driver revealed a detail that surprised everyone: “Luckily, the doctors from last year are taking care of me. Can you believe I got infected on the same day and the same month as last year? Just one year”, she remarked, amazed by the coincidence.. Although at first Barbieri shared her fear of having to go back to the hospital, she confessed to being much calmer on that subject: “I am calm because I was very worried that they would hospitalize me and go through everything I went through again,” she said.

Regarding the news that Pampito woke up with symptoms of Covid, the actress expressed her concern about the possibility of having infected him: “I am very sorry about Pampito. I hope you are well, you have to get through these first three days that are brave, “he said while sending him all his strength.

Minutes later, the entertainment journalist chatted with the cycle from his home and told what symptoms aroused his suspicions. “Today I woke up at 6 in the morning with a really bad headache and I was like, ‘This is Covid.’ Now my back and throat hurt. I’m like weak ”, warned who is isolated.

After confessing that until now he had not gone through the disease, the panelist confessed that since he found out about Barbieri’s positive he was afraid: “The night we found out that Carmen had Covid I slept half bad, persecuted because I had not had it until here. I’m going to swab this afternoon. I am outraged not being able to go to work”, concluded who continued to participate in the morning from his living room.

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