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The Pacific Regional Coordination of the Institute to Return the Stolen to the People (Indep), requested to “annul the commercialization process” of the Gulfstream Commander 1000 executive aircraft, serial number 96056, previous registration XB-RAL and current registration XC-AA19, which was acquired by Queretaro businessmen in a public auction organized by that body in November 2021.

According to the Head Administrator of Linkage and Dissemination of the Indep, David A. Figueroa Hernández, it was identified that there was a discrepancy in relation to the preliminary investigation number that gave rise to the abandonment of the asset.

In addition, it was observed that the aircraft could present another inconsistency, since it is currently identified with the registration number XC-AA19, despite the fact that “at the time” it was identified with the registration number XB-RAL. “By virtue of the foregoing, it was necessary to request the corresponding clarifications from the competent ministerial authority, as well as from the corresponding civil aeronautical authority.”

He explained that the Pacific Regional Coordination of the Indep, informed that it will request the current registration from the civil aeronautical registry, as well as the payment of obligations in the matter, in order to fully identify it.

He also explained that, given the events that arose, it was agreed to generate a digital tax receipt over the Internet (CFDI) of the EGR (Expenditure) type, the basis of which is established in articles 25, section I and 76, section II of the Law of Income Tax, as well as in article 29, fourth paragraph of the Federal Tax Code, which is used to record the movements made in a commercial transaction that has been imperfect, allowing the tax effect of a refund, which is what corresponds to the attention of this case.

Regarding what was stated by the businessmen who won the auction, in the sense that the governor of Durango was preventing the delivery of the aircraft, “it is declared that the only scope of the communication by this Institute is regarding the return caused by the impossibility of delivery attributable to this body”.

As reported at the time, businessmen from Queretaro denounced that the governor of Durango, José Rosas Aispuro Torres, refused to hand over the plane in question, which was acquired by them in a public auction organized by the then Administration and Disposal Service of Bienes (SAE), of the Ministry of Finance, now converted into the Indep. They also denounced that this body auctioned the device without having possession of it, nor in order the documents for its auction, which they realized after they paid for it and went for it.

The government ofhe state He pointed out that he has the device “in guard and custody”, since officially, until last week, no official notification of its removal had been sent, nor had he been notified of the place where it had to be delivered, according to the procedure that establishes the law.

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