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Even before he became an overnight sensation post the success of his web show, Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story, actor Pratik Gandhi had a packed schedule.

Looking back on those days, she shares, “I did several things simultaneously over the years, including working a full-time job, doing theater, going to rehearsals, traveling to shows, and attending medical emergencies at home. I never had free time for myself. I don’t recall taking vacations, trips, or even weekend getaways in all those years.”

And being constantly busy took a toll on his relationship with his wife, actress Bhamini Oza Gandhi, whom he married in 2009. Speaking about how his wife felt, Gandhi says: “My wife and I have had multiple arguments and fights over the years. about how busy I am. am. She kept asking me, ‘Why are you running? When will it end? When will we have time for ourselves? I agree that I have been leading a very selfish life.”

Today, his wife is happy with the way Gandhi’s career has developed and the way they are living “a joint dream.” However, the couple still struggles to carve out time and spend time together. “We often sneak around for stolen moments, we steal them. We try to travel together. There was an episode when I was in the middle of a flight change. I landed at the airport after filming somewhere for about a month and was going somewhere else for another ten days. I called her at the airport and we met there”, shares the 41-year-old woman.

This year will see the Bhavai (2021) actor in five projects where he will share screen space with actors Vidya Balan, Taapsee Pannu, and Richa Chadha, among others. Ask him if he fears being dominated by them and he says frankly, “No way! When we had reading sessions, I realized that the journeys of my characters in these projects were such that there was a lot of scope and room to dominate each other. With that being said, these actors are so confident in their own space and extremely professional.”


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