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  • Dominic Cummings claims that the prime minister was warned that the celebration of May 20, 2020 broke the rules of confinement

  • Two other assistants would confirm the accusation that contradicts what was declared by the ‘premier’ in the House of Commons

The one who was the main adviser of Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings, accuses him of having lied to Parliament. The British Prime Minister knew that a party was being prepared in Downing Street on May 20, 2020 and was warned that drinking in the garden was against the rules of strict confinement in force at the time, according to Cummings. Who has become Johnson’s worst enemy worked in Downing Street at the time and affirms that the ‘premier’ “overlooked” the recommendation and lied to Parliament about the parties“, something that, according to the rules, would force him to resign. Official spokesmen deny that the prime minister knew in advance of the nature of the event. Cummings contends otherwise and is willing to repeat it under oath. Two other members of the staff of the official residence have confirmed to the BBC the version of the former adviser, who could now be questioned by Sue Gray, the person in charge of investigating parties during the pandemic.

Johnson admitted in a statement to the House of Commons last week that he attended that party, which he spent 25 minutes, although he believed “implicitly” that it was a work meeting. Your private secretary, Martin Reynolds, had sent an invitation to a hundred people, of whom about 40 attended. According to what Cummings told on your blog, “a high-ranking official replied that the invitation email broke current regulations,” so Reynolds discussed the matter with other staff members. “I told him that the invitation violated the rules“, Cummings insists, but Reynolds replied that “he would consult with the prime minister and if he was satisfied, he would go ahead. I’m sure he consulted him.” He raised the matter himself with Johnson. “I said to the PM something like, ‘Martin’s having a drinking party in this building. You have to control this crazy house‘” And he adds: “Not only me, other witnesses who discussed all this at the time would tell what happened under oath.”

“It is not true”

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Once again, with the Government mired in controversy, early on Tuesday the Minister of Justice, Dominic Raab, was in charge of doing the round of radio and television interviews denying Cummings. “Not true,” he repeated here and there. The prime minister has already expressed “his contrition and apologized in the House of Commons for some practices that occurred in Downing Street.” But Ra’ab recognized that, having lied to Parliament, a prime minister should resign as a rule. The opposition once again demands that resignation and that Johnson respond to the allegations in Parliament, while accusing the Executive of being in a chaotic situation.

Cummings may have artillery on Johnson’s parties for a while. He was witness of all that and warns that there are more photos of the celebrations. Every time the government team tries to divert attention from the scandal (with populist measures, anti-immigration or the BBC) the former adviser launches a new grenade. At crossfire High State officials are being involved, whose reputation is being harmed and questioned, something that is creating a deep discomfort.

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