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Juliet Ortega She was one of the guests on the show. team flower (Telefe) where recalled an old “dispute” he had with Silvina Luna, when the panelist of the cycle that drives Florence Pena went out with Ivan noble, his ex-partner. The actress criticized him for the way he found out about the romance and even revealed a phrase that he said to the father of his son Benito.

The daughter of Ortega stick talked about her sentimental present, separated from Camilo Vaca Narvaja, when Luna recommended him to use a dating app where celebrities from all over the world “find” their partners. But Flor Peña stopped to consult them about a common past that apparently united them. “You have a very bad memory I tell them, because they are saying things that have already come out in the media,” he said bluntly.

Jokingly, Florencia and Marcelo Polino They justified that the lack of memories is due to the effects of the lack of vacations, and even the consequences of Covid-19. “Whom?”, the driver repeated to find out what “that past” was about that had them both as protagonists. “Well, yes, it was known. It’s for Ivan [Noble] But it’s been a long time, a lot.” asserted the panelist who was being observed by Ortega at the other end of the studio.

Julieta Ortega reproached Silvina Luna live for dating her ex Iván Noble

“Of course when I found out I didn’t like it at all,” Ortega interrupted to tell a family anecdote. “Many years later I met Silvina and when I got home I called him and told him: ‘I was with Silvina Luna, she’s divine’”, he said that these were the words he said to the father of his son. He, for his part, would have limited himself to reconfirming his position for having been with the model: “’I was right, it’s divine’. He said, ‘Did you see? I told you”, added the former leader of The knights of burning.

Ortega parted ways with Noble in 2009 After seven years of relationship and the fruit of the marriage, their son Benito was born. Almost a year later, in 2010, the musician was seen with the model with whom maintained a brief romance that came to an end in June of that same year.

Benito is the center of the world for his parents, who divorced in 2009.
Benito is the center of the world for his parents, who divorced in 2009.

In this sense, the panelist highlighted the good relationship that the composer and the actress currently have and that every so often is reflected in social networks where jokes and family claims are made in public. “I love the vibe you two have,” express. Thus, Ortega explained that this is because “separated a long time ago”.

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