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Cancun, QR. The municipal president of Solidaridad, Lili Campos, announced that she will defend the city council from the expropriations announced through the Official Gazette of the Federation to make way for the Mayan Train in its North Section 5.

He announced that they are already collecting, together with the Public Registry of Property and Commerce, all the information on the deeds and areas of municipal heritage to prevent them from being considered part of the expropriation announced by the federal government.

He warned that, if necessary, they would take legal action to defend the municipality’s land, since many of the properties that are targeted by the federal government are roads or homes in the first block of Playa del Carmen.

“There is documentation that proves that it is private property of the municipality,” he said.

For its part, the Riviera Maya Hotel Association issued a statement stating that “they will insist on the federal government giving priority to the agreements reached with the owners of the properties that will be expropriated in the municipalities of Benito Juárez, Puerto Morelos and Solidarity for the construction of Section 5 north of the Mayan Train”.

The organization’s leader, Antonio Chaves, reiterated that as an association they will be on the lookout for this expropriation process to provide the necessary support to their associates involved in this declaration.

“We are confident that agreements can be reached based on dialogue and negotiation,” he pointed out, noting that among those affected are important associated hotel chains.

Reiterating that hoteliers are in favor of the Mayan Train, the businessman emphasized that “the challenge will be to minimize the effects for our employees and our visitors to continue being an attractive and competitive destination worldwide.”

Finally, he said he trusts that negotiations will soon be resumed with the new general director of the National Fund for Tourism Development, Javier May Rodríguez, “to work together and ensure that this flagship project of the federal government fulfills its objective of being a detonator of the economy in the southeast of the country and consolidate the tourist success of the Mexican Caribbean”.

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