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Seven years after the death of the prosecutor Alberto Nisman, the neighbors and workers of the tower complex The park of Puerto Madero, where he was found dead, agreed that what happened that early morning in January was “very possibly a murder” and they resigned themselves to the fact that the truth will never be known.

Residents of the Le Parc towers, located in Lily Villaflor 550, They took advantage of the morning of a gray and rainy day to walk their pets. One of them was Héctor, a 75-year-old lawyer. “I live in the tower next door and the night I [Nisman] turned up dead we woke up with my wife and we saw how the body was taken out through a side door that is never used”, he recounted.

“What happened it was a national embarrassment, with the prosecutor [Viviana] Fein at the scene without taking the necessary care, and everything was covered up in some way, ”the neighbor lamented. At the same time, he recalled that the following days “were very traumatic for the entire neighborhood, we feel busy as in war for 15 days and there was no progress in the investigation.”

For Mirta, another neighbor, it was “without a doubt a murder.” She remembered that she was on vacation and found out from her children that they were in the building due to the operation mounted on Sunday. Like others, he does not believe that the investigation will come to fruition: “It is a terrible and unfortunate fact. Y Even if 7 or 50 years go by, nothing is going to change because the only causes that matter to them are their own.”, Said the retiree at a stop of her walk with her friend Rosa.

Le Parc Complex. It has been 7 years since the death of Alberto Nisman.
Le Parc Complex. It has been 7 years since the death of Alberto Nisman.Alejandro Guyot

It is not another day for the neighbors who go out for a walk and the cleaning, service and newspaper workers who work a few meters from department 13-2, where the prosecutor was found dead. Many of them avoided questions that could cause them problems in their jobs. Or they gave their opinion, but in reserve, under anonymity.

Go ask Cristina-Kirchner”, said a neighbor who entered through the security gate. “We are in Argentina, nothing can be done here,” commented another who was walking his poodle. For Juan, who works in the building, “very possibly killed him”; Susana said the same thing when she was getting out of a taxi to visit a friend: “They murdered him with impunity”.

“Now there is a lot of security, but by chance of life the cameras did not work that night”, commented Cristina, another neighbor, 70 years old. “They killed him because of what he was going to testify, but he didn’t know that he lived here. Later some neighbors told me that they saw him in the gym, “he added.

Unlike most of the residents of the area and the workers of Le Parc, Guido Miranda, the fag for 22 years in the Fangio square, right in front of the building, believed that it was a suicide. “I took the diary to Alberto every day. He was a restless person who liked to find out everything. On Saturday morning I spoke with him from his Nextel and he told me to bring him the magazine Noticias (which he appeared on the cover) and the newspaper THE NATION; that was the last time we communicated”, recalled the newspaper.

Le Parc Complex. It has been 7 years since the death of Alberto Nisman.  Testimony of Guido Miranda, in charge of the Newspaper post.
Le Parc Complex. It has been 7 years since the death of Alberto Nisman. Testimony of Guido Miranda, in charge of the Newspaper post.Alejandro Guyot

“The next morning (Sunday) we delivered the newspapers as usual. We threw them from the service elevator and they stayed at the door. For me it was a suicide because he had to take great care of himself, and I don’t want to say that he was narcissistic or that he was depressed, but what happened was strange,” concludes Guido.

Department 13-2 of the Torre del Boulevard points to the Río de La Plata and can be seen with the naked eye from the street. Currently it can be rented for US$3000 per month. His publication can be found on different rental and property pages in Puerto Madero. One of them describes it as a “comfortable furnished three-room apartment on the 13th floor, with a garage, storage room, large living room and two en-suite bedrooms.” It is empty.

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