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More than two years after the first case of Covid-19 In Wuhan, China, global inequality has been on the rise as the world’s 10 richest people doubled their fortunes from $700 million to $1.5 trillion so far during the pandemic.

“The wealth of billionaires has grown more since the pandemic began than in the last 14 years,” he revealed. Oxfam in the report “Inequality kills”.

According to estimates from the research center, the 10 richest people in the world currently have six times more wealth than the 3.1 billion poorest people in the world.

“If these ten men lost 99.99% of their wealth tomorrow, they would still be richer than 99% of all the people on this planet,” said the CEO of Oxfam International, Gabriela Bucher in a statement.

The document explains that the wealth of billionaires experienced the largest increase since records began and in the future “the trend is alarming.”

“In the last year we have seen billionaires travel to space, at a time of unprecedented increase in poverty and suffering on planet Earth,” says the publication.

Over the past two years, 99% of humanity has seen their incomes fall as a result of the economic crisis stemming from the virus, Oxfam revealed.

The international report estimated that more than 163 million people were added to the poverty sector living with less than 5.50 dollars a day (approximately 111.5 pesos), therefore without efforts to address inequality, the levels of this item will not return to its pre-covid brand before 2030.

Meanwhile, 20% of wealthy people have already recouped about half of their 2020 losses in the past year. By contrast, the World Bank projects that the poorest 20% of people lost 5% more of their income, on average, last year.

At the same time, Oxfam assures that the impact of the pandemic on the poorest people is being felt in the loss of life because in some countries, the poorest people have been almost four times more likely to die from the virus than the poorest. richest people.

Given this, new data suggests that the death rate from Covid-19 infection in low- and middle-income countries is, in fact, about twice that of rich countries.

gender disparity

Likewise, a gender disparity is appreciated, because the wealth of 252 men is greater than that of 1,000 million women together between Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa.

In addition to the fact that women have collectively lost 800,000 million dollars in income in 2020. Just as the presence of women in the labor market is projected to be reduced by 13 million compared to 2019. Latin America, for example, experienced a reduction of 9.4 percent.

“The pandemic has pushed back the time needed to achieve gender parity by more than a generation, from 99.5 to 135.6 years, and has pushed back progress on equality and equity for racialized groups around the world,” reads in the document.

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