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The Polish Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobroannounced this Tuesday divorce law changes that will lengthen and hinder this process, especially in the case of marriages with minor children.

In a statement to a Polish weekly, Ziobro He explained that the reforms seek to “help married couples with children” and “protect children”, as well as avoid “litigation that sometimes lasts for years” to determine the financial aid that the father must provide.

According to Ziobro’s proposal, before approving a petition for divorce presented by a married couple minor children, the judge will propose to both parties to maintain mediation meetings for several months to “assess if there are possibilities of maintaining the marriage” and, if it deems it appropriate, it may reject your request.

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The Deputy Justice Minister Marcin Romanowski, affirmed this Tuesday in a Polish radio that the 10% of couples who file for divorce back out during the process, “a proportion that we expect to grow to 50% thanks to mediation meetings.”

In addition, the Ministry of Justice intends simplify the procedures for granting alimony to minors involved in a divorce. According to the draft, it will only be necessary to provide the birth certificate and fill out an online form so that, within a maximum period of two weeks from the divorce, the father must start paying the pension.

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In November 2020, Ziobro He assured that “the obligation of the State is to strengthen the ties that unite families, especially in the institution of marriage and even more so in those with children.”

The Justice minister He explained on Tuesday that the reform is now in the process of “interministerial consultations” and that he expects the law to come into force “at the beginning of 2023.” In 2020, around 51,000 couples were divorced in Poland, 22% less than the previous year.

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