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Projectors lost part of their relevance in the market with the landing of television with large screens and great image quality. They were left in the background because they remained as high-priced professional devices. But they have managed to reinvent themselves What specific devices for home use and little by little they are gaining followers. offer a resolution from 1080 to 4K, so we can feel at home as if we were in the cinema.

Although it is true that they have been supported by the rise of streaming platforms como Netflix, HBO Max o Disney+ among others, they have also achieved lower your prices and Now they are cheaper than years ago. And they are also more comfortable to use, since some can be connected to a mobile phone IOS and Android, computer or other devices without the need to use a cable.

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But they have more and more advantages. For example, due to its quality allow you to enjoy video games like on a television. You can adjust the screen size, projection angle and different parameters of focus and color to offer a great image quality. These devices, which are easily transported from one room to another in the house, can project onto any wall, ceiling or even a plain curtain. Next we see some of the best value for money.

Mini projector
​119 euros

Mini projector

This appliance is the cheapest that we found on Amazon capable of playing video in 4K quality. Issues in a size of ultra-large screen from 60 to 300 inches, with a projection distance from 1.5 to 4.5 m. The 300 giant screen offers an immersive visual experience when you are watching movies or playing video games. It is also easy to connect via HDMI, USB, AUX, AV, so it is compatible with PS5, Xbox, computer, tablet, external sound bar, DVD player, etc. But nevertheless, does not have Wi-Fi, so it is necessary to connect to reproduce the image from a mobile.

See all the details to buy this Mini Projector.


​189,99 euros


This projector can also be considered in the range of the cheapest. Although it costs a little more than the previous one, it also has more features. The most important, connectivity. Enables wireless projection of systems iOS, Android, Windows 10 or Mac, as well as games from phones or any other device on the screen, up to 200 inches. In addition, thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 some can be connected headphones or speakers no wires Support 4K and It has a useful life of more than 100,00 hours, depending on the brand.

See all the details to buy the TOPTRO 7900.

Boxing, by Heyup
​269 euros

Boxing, by Heyup

One of the most advanced projectors at affordable prices is this one from the Heyup brand. It has recently come onto the market and is causing a sensation. It integrates a native support of 1080P, but it can also emit in 4K on 120-inch projection screens. It connects to the Internet and allows both downloading apps and connecting to Aptoide TV for a custom stream. Also connects via USB or by linking to mobile or computer wirelessly and through cable HDMI to any device if we are in an area without Internet.

It is little size (it weighs 1.24 kg), which allows us to take it on vacation, for example. Thanks to Bluetooth It also allows us to connect wireless headphones. And also has a battery with a range of up to 90 minutes, so it doesn’t have to be plugged in. In fact, it can be used in any indoor and outdoor space, thanks to its FengOS operating system. The lens has a lifespan of 25,000 hours. It is for sale at brand website.

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