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The Angeles Rams defeated the Arizona Cardinals in the first Wild Card game in NFL history to be held in a Monday Night Football (MNF). Now, the Los Angeles team will visit the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday in the Divisional Round of the NFC.

At SoFi Stadium, the defense of the Rams he showed up: he pressured Arizona quarterback Kyler Murray to force two interceptions. In turn, Matthew Stafford, Marshal of The Angels, threw for 202 yards and two touchdown passes, in the first postseason game that ESPN broadcasts on Monday nights since it acquired the rights in 2006. With this result, the Cardinals extend their drought of titles, because the last time they lifted the championship of the NFL it was in 1947.

Added to the longest regular season in history was the longest wild card series. In October 2021, ESPN obtained the rights to organize a game of Wild Card on his Monday Night Football show for five seasons beginning with the game between Rams Y Cardinals is 2022.

In 2020, the NFL expanded the playoffs by adding an additional seed for each conference. With that addition, a game was added to the playoff schedule. The move to Monday’s game works as a way to spread the games out a bit more, instead of having three on Saturday and three on Sunday.

In March 2021, ESPN retained his rights through 2033 in a deal valued at $2.6 billion per season. Beginning in 2023, the television network will also host a divisional round playoff game, while also continuing to broadcast the MNF wild card game.

The extension includes the rights for ABC/ESPN transmit the Super Bowl in 2023 and 2026. ABC it hasn’t broadcast the Super Bowl since 2006.

According to data from Front Office Sports, every playoff game in the NFL in 2020, not including the Super Bowl, it averaged more than 20 million viewers, making it among the highest-rated shows on television. Last season’s six-game wild-card round averaged about 24.3 million viewers.

Until October 2021, the NFL had its highest audience figures in six years, averaging 17.3 million viewers and digital viewers, 17% more than last year. In March, national NFL broadcasters spent an estimated $113 billion to acquire the rights for the next decade.

This season’s Divisional Round will be played on January 22 and 23. In the American Conference, the Bills will visit the home of the Chiefs and the Bengals to the Tennessee Titans, who rested in the Wild Card phase. In the NL, the 49ers will travel to Green Bay to face the top-seeded Packers, while the Buccaneers host the Rams. The winners will play the conference championships on January 30.


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