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The housing company Steal has taken the first step in the construction of a housing development in Torreón, Coahuila that contemplates the construction of 2,600 households and which will generate an investment close to 1,950 million pesos in the next 10 years.

On January 17, the firm, headed by Luis Enrique Terrazas-Seyffert, as its chairman of the board of directors, and Jesus Miguel Sandoval Armenta in the general direction, inaugurated the first stage of this housing development, which is expected to generate an income of 150 million pesos per year.

According to Ruba, the houses built within the project will have a price starting at 935,000 pesos, to be financed by some formal credit scheme, whether from banks, state agencies or some other financial entity.

“Both the authorities and the businessmen agreed that this new housing direction will give Torreón not only growth, but orderly growth, along with generating chain investments in commercial, service and industrial matters, with attention to the provision of functional housing. , beautiful, accessible and of quality to the families of this thriving region of Coahuila and Durango”, detailed the firm in a statement.

Ruba reported that of the first 40 houses built in the first stage, most of them have already been sold, which gives a good placement perspective for new buildings.

According to Ruba’s estimates, this project, named Corner of the Marquis —located north of Torreón on the Torreón-La Partida highway—, will have an impact on the generation of 2,340 jobs per year.

“On the issue of job creation, the construction of a single home implies at least five direct and four indirect jobs, so Rincón del Marqués will have to employ 1,300 people directly and 1,040 indirectly each year during the 10 years of progress in building in successive closed and subdivisions of this macrodevelopment”, Ruba highlighted.

Ruba currently has a presence in 16 places in 12 states in the country and since its foundation in 1980, it has provided housing for more than 220,000 families. According to its figures, in 2021 it positioned itself as the main developer by placing housing with more formal loans, as well as in housing production in the social, middle, residential and vertical segments.

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