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Queretaro, Qro. Ten entities have not yet recovered the pre-pandemic value of their exports, according to records from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

Quintana Roo leads the list of states that are furthest from recovering the indicators prior to Covid-19, since from January to September 2021 it registered a decline of -87.1% in the value of its exports in relation to the same period in 2019.

Next, Hidalgo, which maintains a decrease of -29.3% compared to the pre-pandemic year, as well as the State of Mexico with -21.1%, Puebla with -17.0%, Campeche with -13.0%, Mexico City with -10.6% and San Luis Potosi -10.1 percent.

Also with a lower value compared to the pre-pandemic period, but with variations of one digit, are Veracruz, which from January to September 2021 has a drop of -5.8% in relation to 2019; In addition to Nayarit with -2.3% and Sonora with -0.5%, the Inegi records are required.

In parallel, 22 entities have already retaken from January to September of the year ended the value of the exports they had before the health contingency.

Among the states that even exceeded the pre-pandemic level is Zacatecas, which in the reference period already reports a growth of 48.8% in the value of its exports compared to 2019, being the state with the highest growth between both years.

Next are Tabasco with a growth of 38.9%, Oaxaca with an advance of 38.6%, Colima with 31.9%, Tlaxcala with 30.2%, Guerrero with a variation of 22.4%, Michoacán with 21.1%, Durango with 20.2%, Baja Southern California of 15.5%, Baja California of 13.6%, Querétaro of 13.1% and in Chiapas of 13.0 percent.

Also with growth, but in one digit, the states of Coahuila with a rise of 9.5%, Guanajuato with 6.1%, Tamaulipas with 5.9%, Sinaloa with 2.8%, Chihuahua with 2.6%, Jalisco with 2.2%, Nuevo León with 2.0%. , Morelos with 1.7%, Aguascalientes with 1.6% and Yucatán with 0.1% growth.

Meanwhile, at the national level, the value of exports from January to September 2021 grew by 2.8% compared to 2019.

North Region

Five entities in the north of the country agglomerate 52.9% of the national value of exports (320,081.8 million); These are Chihuahua, Coahuila, Baja California, Nuevo León and Tamaulipas, which add up to a value of 169,635.8 million dollars, from January to September 2021.

By individual contribution, Chihuahua contributed 13.42% of the national value (42,958 million dollars), followed by Coahuila with 12.05% (38,572 million), Baja California added 10.81% (34,590 million), Nuevo León 9.54% (30,530 million) and Tamaulipas contributed 7.18% (22,985 million).

On the opposite side, the entities with the lowest contribution to the value of exports are Quintana Roo with just 0.003% (9 million dollars), Nayarit with 0.06% (196 million), Baja California Sur with 0.07% (222 million), Colima with 0.22% (702 million) and Chiapas 0.23% (727 million).

At the national level, exports amounted to 320,081.8 million dollars in January-September 2021, a figure that experiences an increase of 2.8% in relation to the same period of 2019, when it totaled 311,438.8 million dollars.

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