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The beating of the INE is, at this time, the most emblematic case of the nonsense of eroding our constitutional, republican and federal order; the division of powers and autonomous bodies. The tenant of the National Palace, lacking competence and authority over said institute, has chosen to weaken its finances by ordering the legislators related to his movement, the budget reduction of the institute for this year, in addition to causing confusion among his followers since his morning tribune, and pretending to do so with public opinion.

When sending the austerity proposal to the INE, it was not taken into account that the institute has no obligation to attend to it, nor should it request permission from the President, any member of his government or the legislators to apply the regulatory framework that governs it, which is obliged – yes – to comply scrupulously.

The objective, with the attacks perpetrated from the National Palace and carried out by its collaborators, parties and legislators that are related to it, seems to be the dismantling of the bastion that guarantees the electoral processes of our country. A financial strangulation is applied to the INE to make believe that it does not want to carry out the mandate revocation survey. Our democracy is at risk. This atmosphere of intolerance and hatred, envy, slander and condemnation, does not correspond to a normal alternation.

We must bear in mind that a democratic government should be interested in a solid, strong and reliable INE, since it is the authority that gives legitimacy to democracy with which governability is possible, which also contributes to national security.

These attacks have arisen under the pretext of carrying out a popular referendum to revoke the mandate, which, misleading those who signed the request, has led them to believe that it is a process of ratifying the mandate.

The President, who is mainly interested in carrying out this consultation, as if he had lost confidence in himself; political parties; legislators, and the media aligned with the 4T have carried out an insistent and confusing campaign for the population to participate in a consultation that, according to its promoters, is aimed at ratifying, -not revoking- according to them, the mandate of the Palace tenant.

It is incredible that, given the precarious availability of public resources in favor of general well-being and with so many challenges to address, the priority and the debate revolve around the much-vaunted referendum that, since its promotion, stirs up more cordiality, encourages more polarization, discord and hatred. Without a doubt, it is more urgent to seek and execute actions that lead us towards the reconstruction and tranquility of the social fabric and to recover cordiality.

With the President’s insistence on eroding our constitutional, republican and federal order; the division of powers and autonomous bodies, as well as increasing the militarization of more and more civil activities, has led to growing confusion among society and in this way perverse manipulation has been imposed. Unfortunately, this policy translates into polarization, opacity in the exercise of public resources and the cancellation or reduction of services to certain sectors of the less favored population. A government prone to opacity and lies contributes greatly to the deterioration of the social fabric.

All this gravitates against the fundamental conditions on which the democratic settlement, the culture of peace and the general welfare are sustained.

On June 5, 2022, ordinary elections will be held in Aguascalientes, Durango, Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Quintana Roo and Tamaulipas. It would be fantastic if the best ones won. Sadly, candidates will have to contend who will designate political parties or coalitions in response to various interests, except the interest of the voters. Sadly, the opposition shows disjointed political parties, without discourse and far from ideas; As if that were not enough, it is also highly probable that organized crime contributes to a greater distortion of these elections.

We live in times of blind faith of public servants related to the President and we are not facing the transformation that was offered. Progress is not noticeable, instead setbacks are perceived in various aspects of national life.

It is urgent that government efforts be directed towards addressing the problems that affect everyone. For example, the damage to the general economy caused by crime and the weakening of the rule of law. According to data collected in the National Survey of Victimization and Perception of Public Security 2021, it meant an average cost to each Mexican of more than seven thousand pesos, which translated into almost two percent of the Gross Domestic Product of 2020. This does not count displacements forced and murder.

Although it is becoming more and more difficult, we must do everything possible to stop the transition to the abyss and recover the path of development. For this, it is essential to understand how the world and humanity of the 21st century work, especially in light of the global changes derived from the pandemic in terms of health, climate change, the economy, the growing insecurity and the deterioration from the middle class.

It seems to be unknown that the value of the truth gives value to the word.

As we have insisted, dialogue is the way to relaxation.

*The author is a lawyer and professional mediator.


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Pascual Hernandez Mergold

Lawyer and professional mediator

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