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Yesterday, January 17, the Open Parliament forums began in the Chamber of Deputies in relation to President López Obrador’s electricity reform proposal. From my point of view, a dialogue of the deaf is anticipated, among other reasons, because the constitutional reform proposal was built with a clear ideological burden that, no matter how much they want to dress it differently, is a proposal that looks to the past, that appeals to a development model that proved to be a disaster for Mexico and Mexicans.

I say that I anticipate a dialogue of the deaf because from the first moment the initiative was presented, I was overcome by the conviction that it was not elaborated with the idea of ​​submitting it to a serious legislative process, where a process of negotiation between the different political forces, including minorities, would result in a reasonable legislative product for Mexico. There is no way for an opposition party to lend itself to a negotiation in which it only manages to modify two or three aspects of the universe of constitutional changes contained in the initiative and intends to convince citizens and investors that these limited changes mean a substantial profit. , and therefore voted in favor of the rest of the initiative, even though it is clear that these other provisions, far from helping Mexico to advance steadily towards modernity, will slow it down terribly.

I have said it several times, this constitutional reform initiative is designed so that any opposition party is forced not to support it, so that it does not have a successful outcome at the legislative level. With this, the president will have in his hands a new propaganda instrument so that from the morning pulpit he launches himself with redoubled energy against the opposition, to accuse it, as he has been doing in recent weeks, of being an enemy of the people or defender of those who have “plundered Mexico.”

I have no doubt that there will be enriching exhibitions, but I have my well-founded doubts that they will be taken into account to make adjustments to what President López Obrador has proposed. Assuming that I am wrong and that the 4T ends up accepting substantial changes, the only viable thing is possibly that all the absurd proposals are radically modified and only the proposal related to reserving the exploitation of lithium to the State remains, although this is not necessarily the that the country requires, but it would be something that the current administration would undoubtedly sell as a great political victory, to try to equate López Obrador in a degree of heroism almost like that of Lázaro Cárdenas with the oil expropriation.

Whatever the result of the forums and the attempt to discuss the ruling in the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies, there will be no gain for the well-being of Mexicans. Let no one say they have been deceived later when the high fiscal cost of a proposal that only seeks to deceive Mexicans with the illusion that the state will provide them with cheap electricity becomes visible, and that it will translate into the need to raise taxes, after of 2024 of course so that the president does not pay the political costs, or else, in a greater indebtedness in the following decade.

5G tender

It is very good to know that the IFT is working to put together the bidding for radio spectrum frequencies for 5G networks in Mexico. Unfortunately, there is a clear disconnection between the objectives of the regulatory body and those of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, which continues to set a high price for frequencies for mobile services, an approach that was perhaps appropriate for the first 12 years of this century. , but today obviously it is not. To have a successful deployment of 5G networks in Mexico, it is necessary to rethink the way in which the spectrum is charged, and without a doubt, regulate the Preponderant well. Failure to do so will translate into more years of dominance by América Móvil, with close to 65% of the market, and an increasingly lethargic telecommunications sector.

*The author is an economist.


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