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Together for Change presented on Monday request for reports in Congress so that the Government responds to the power outages that occurred last week, in the midst of an intense heat wave that affected much of the country. So he advanced Maria Eugenia Vidal through their social networks.

The application consists of ten points. In the first, the “detail of the daily evolution from number of cuts of the electric power service Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires during the hot days evidenced since January 10, disaggregated by concession area.

On the other hand, the interblock of the Chamber of Deputies asked to know “measures taken by the National State to mitigate the impact of outages” and “the evolution of the quality of electricity distribution service in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires from March 2020 onwards”.

The request for information bears the signature, in addition to Vidal, of the most important figures of the opposition interbloc such as Ricardo López Murphy, Mario Negri, Martin Tetaz, Margaret Stolbizer, Diego Santilli and the president of the PRO block, Christian Ritondo.

Neighbors block General Paz Avenue at the intersection with Emilio Castro due to power outages in the area
Neighbors block General Paz Avenue at the intersection with Emilio Castro due to power outages in the areaIgnacio Sánchez – THE NATION

“Together with part of the @JUNTOS Cambioar interblock, we present a request for information detailing the number of power outages and the measures taken by the national government to mitigate them. Too we want to know what the real state of the energy sector is“, public Maria Eugenia Vidal on their social networks.

The former governor of Buenos Aires accompanied the publication of the document with a message in white and red letters: “The lack of institutionality and clear rules of the Government and the energy sector It complicates the day to day for thousands of Argentines”.

The control organisms are also mentioned in the opposition request. Specifically, legislators seek to know if the intervention of the National Electricity Regulatory Entity (Enre) and the National Gas Regulatory Entity (Engargas), arranged by the Government “will end after the second extension established by Decree 871/2021″. They also demand that the “status of the selection of the members of the board” of both entities be reported.

On the other hand, Together for Change demanded clarification on “the renegotiation of the comprehensive tariff review corresponding to providers of public services of transportation and distribution of electricity and natural gas that are under federal jurisdiction.

The opposition coalition emphasized the possibility of future increases and requested that, in case they are authorized, “it is indicated percentage and term, as well as the setting in the Distribution Own Cost stipulated for each distributor.

The message published by Vidal about the order in the face of power outages.
The message published by Vidal about the order in the face of power outages.Twitter

The link with the electricity distributors covers the last points of the request for reports presented in the Chamber of Deputies. Lawmakers asked to know if there was “transfers of funds from the national State” to “Edenor and Edesur in the period 2010-2021″.

In the same sense, they requested the “monthly evolution of the debt of each distributor of energy with the Wholesale Electricity Market during the years 2015-2021″ and “a detail of the annual evolution of the investment made“by those companies” in the last 11 years.

In the midst of an intense heat wave, the demand for electricity increased significantly last week and power outages multiplied in Buenos Aires neighborhoods and suburban municipalities. There were dozens of users without power for several hours, and in some cases days.

On Friday, the city of Buenos Aires registered a temperature record of 41.5°, the second highest historical mark since the beginning of the 20th century. On January 14, there were more than 700,000 users without electricity, due to a fire reported by Edesur in a house that complicated the supply of energy.

The investments and the problematic of the tariffs remained in the middle of the debate. “We cannot continue with a model of improvised rates and without clear rules,” Claudio Cunha, country manager of Enel Argentina, owner of the electricity distributor Edesur told LA NACION.

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