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Sleeping is one of the human needs that causes the most pleasure. In case you are a person who enjoys between pillows and duvets, you are in luck. Is mattress company could have created the part-time job many dream of. Sleep Junkie, a mattress company is looking for people with the light sleep for what rate accessories, pillows, masks to cover the eyes and bedding for sleeping.

For a period of two months the signature will cause the elected workers to ratify a total of eight products: one per week. Likewise, a form will have to be filled out detailing any reference to the quality of the product and the amount of sleep. for every review that the selected person makes will have a one-time payment of 2,000 US dollars; some 1.775 euros at the current exchange rate.

Create the ultimate sleep guide

In this sense, the collection is broken down into eight different payments $250 per hour: about 219 euros per hour of sleep. By collecting all this data, Sleep Junkie aims to collect it and create the “ultimate guide to sleep” for people around the world who have trouble sleeping. To apply to the vacancies offered by the company, you will have to write a presentation letter of at least 150 words explaining why one is the perfect candidate.

Among the requirements that Sleep Junkie highlights is not sleeping well. Since, the lighter you sleep, the better you can rate the product itself. “We believe that everyone has the right to sleep well and get a restful night’s sleep,” emphasizes the Communications Director for Sleep Junkie, Dorothy Chambers. “Our hope is to find someone with sleep problems and we can help them have peace at night. All this while helping us gather useful information.”

It affects 10% of Spaniards

In Spain, sleep disorders are becoming more common. According to data from the Spanish Society of Neurology (SEN), more than 10% of the Spanish population -more than 4 million people- suffer from some type of chronic and severe sleep disorder. But, in addition, more than 30% -over 12 million Spaniards- wake up with the feeling of not having had a restful sleep or end the day very tired. The World Sleep Society even estimates that these problems threaten the health and quality of life of up to 45% of the world’s population.

According to Agencia EFE, the sleep disturbances they have many negative consequences for health, not only psychiatric, such as anxiety or depression, but also cause overweight, obesity, hypertension, diabetes and even some types of cancer, especially prostate and breast cancer, as has been shown in flight attendants and other workers with significant jet lag.

In addition, the confinement between March and May 2020 due to the pandemic generated by Covid-19 deteriorated the quality of sleep of Spanish university students, according to a study carried out by the University of Burgos (UBU). In this sense, the students had more problems falling asleep during the first half hour in which they were in bed, and also, when they had managed to fall asleep, if they had any awakenings at night, it was much harder for them to go back to sleep. .

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