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In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the panorama linked to international flights can change from one day to the next. This is known by travel agencies or anyone who buys a ticket to travel abroad. Today, the European Union (EU) left Argentina, Australia and Canada out of the list of countries from which you can travel without restrictions. This puts the thousands of people who have a ticket to Europe on edge and, once again, Uncertainty reigns between potential passengers and tourism service providers.

The EU recommendation indicates that countries that are not “safe” in health terms lose the benefit of entering the European community with vaccines that were not approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) or by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), such as Sputnik V, when 18,618,805 doses of the antigen developed in Russia have already been applied in Argentina. However, those recommendations can be adopted or discarded by the countries.

Paula Cristi, general manager of Despegar in Argentina and Brazil, told THE NATION that the company awaiting “more details” by the member countries, but, for the time being, This news did not have a direct impact on the customer service center.

“We are waiting for more details regarding this news, which for now has not caused much movement in our customer service center. At Despegar we care about communicating everything related to security measures and health protocols in the different countries. That is why, on our website, when entering the starting point and the destination, the requirements officially requested to make that trip are immediately known,” explained Cristi.

From Turismocity they also expressed that they are waiting for news from European countries, although, as in Despegar, they indicated to this medium that the recommendation by the EU did not generate many inquiries from their clients.

While sources from the TTS travel agency highlighted that any questions their clients have, they can contact the company. But for the moment the only novelties are those that came from Spain. This country tightened the restrictions for entry. Starting today, Argentines must comply one of the following requirements to enter: vaccination certificate with at least one formula approved by the EMA or WHO, or a negative swab test for Covid or discharge from coronavirus in the last 180 days. In addition, they must complete the Sanitary Control Form.

For its part, from the Italian embassy in Buenos Aires they detailed THE NATION that they still have no news from their government, but that all the updates will be published on a website of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Regarding the news to enter France, from the embassy they indicated that for the moment Argentina is still on the “green” list of countries and that the entry conditions for Argentines are the following: a complete vaccination certificate with approved vaccines by the WHO or EMA, or, in case of not being vaccinated or having a vaccine that is not recognized by France, the passenger must present a PCR test carried out 48 hours before the trip. However, they warn that these measures may change and They recommend visiting the consulate’s website for the latest updates.

Daniel Hana, president of the Argentine Forum of Travel Consultants and Companies (Facve), told this medium that in the face of so many changes, the recommendation for passengers by the entity he represents is to always buy a traveler assistance service. that includes coverage in case of contracting Covid at the destination and going to a registered travel agency that allows professional advice to update the data on the application of restrictions since the information is very dynamic.

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