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The sweet wait is finally over for Monaco Peak and Diana Arnopoulos, who in the last hours they became parents when they welcomed Noah, the couple’s first child. The baby was born this week in Miami, a city where the former Argentine tennis player and the model, of French nationality, live.

Pico Monaco was father last night”, Tomás Dente announced through his Twitter account, breaking the news. Minutes later, in intruders, Maite Peñoñori recounted that the baby was born on saturday 15. The couple recently published their first photos with the newborn on social networks today.

The first was Diana Arnopoulos” class=”com-link” data-reactroot=””>Diana Arnopoulos, who after having published on Friday an advance of the birth dancing happily under the caption: “It’s the due date, Come on Noah!”, this afternoon he finally posted a tender photo with his baby.

“Welcome to the world, my angel” (“Welcome to the world, my angel),” he wrote in his native language.

Monaco and Arnopoulos They met in 2019, some time after he split from Pampita Ardohain. Although at first they claimed that they were just friends, it did not take long for them to whiten their relationship. Born in France, the model already lived in Miami, although he studied in Paris and New York and went through the Kennedy University of Buenos Aires for an exchange.

In June 2019 they flew together to France to closely follow the definition of Roland Garros and celebrate her 29th birthday. On that occasion, at the charming Monsieur Bleu restaurant, Pico met apart from Diana’s family and friends. The following month, it was her turn to introduce her to her loved ones, and the model traveled to Tandil, where she shared barbecues and long afternoons of mate with the Mónacos.

In love, in 2020 they decided marry civilly in an intimate ceremony Made in Miami. “We wanted it to be a private moment, to enjoy the two of us without being aware of anything else. That’s why we didn’t notify anyone. Nobody knew anything”, he told him at the time to the magazine HELLO!

Pico Monaco and his wife, Diana Arnopoulos, at Noah's recent baby shower
Pico Monaco and his wife, Diana Arnopoulos, at Noah’s recent baby showerInstagram @diana_arnopoulos

“All the time we talk to Diana and project our family. And even more so now that we are married. We are very excited, because we are both family members, we like to share with our own, and we have the same values. So yeah I think the baby is coming soon”, he added at that time, not knowing that it would not be long before the effective arrival of the first heir.

In July 2021, the tennis player finally announced that he would become a father. “My heart explodes with love️: baby on the way. I love you, Diana Arnopoulos,” he wrote. Monaco On Instagram. The post was accompanied by photos of the couple smiling and showing off ultrasound images of the child on the way.

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