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Stop me if you’ve heard this, but Disney fans are more than a little obsessive. When Disney, and especially Disney Parks, launches limited edition merchandise, you can be sure that there will be plenty of people looking to get their hands on it. The demand is so high that many of those who obtain the merchandise will sell it on eBay for a significant profit. But one brave and noble Epcot guest went viral on TikTok for doing the opposite and gifting a Figment popcorn bucket to a guest who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to get one.

The newest must have item at the Disney parks arrived last week and it was a Figment-shaped popcorn bucket, the nice purple dragon character that lives Atracción de Epcot’s Journey into Your Imagination and Epcot. Figment is a fan favorite character. and the unique popcorn buckets sold in the parks are a particularly popular souvenir item, so it’s no surprise that the line to get one of these lasted up to seven hours, much lMore than any ride in the park, when it was released. Certainly many who wanted this bucket were unable to get it due to limited supply.

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