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Is this Australia’s laziest post? Hateful moment a delivery man throws a young woman’s package onto her balcony instead of going up two flights of stairs

  • Australia Post client criticized his courier for ‘disrespecting’ his mail
  • Postie was filmed throwing her package down the stairs instead of delivering the mail.
  • The video was shared on TikTok and some said that the woman was exaggerating

A woman shared her frustration with a ‘disrespectful’ Australia Post worker who carelessly threw her parcel down the stairs.

Images of the postman were shared on TikTok and show the man looking up the stairs before tossing the package onto his balcony.

‘WTF! What a lack of respect for my mail! she captioned the footage, which racked up over 362,000 views.

The customer said he had a post box on the street level where they could have left his package.

A woman called an Australia Post worker “disrespectful” after footage showed him throwing his parcel down the stairs.

He clarified that he had a mailbox on the street level of his house in which the worker could have deposited the package.

An Australia Post spokesperson said: “These actions are not in line with the high standards of service we expect our people to provide to the community and we sincerely apologize.”

While some agreed that the worker could have easily gone upstairs and dropped off the package, others criticized the woman for being too demanding.

‘He could have taken it to a post office and had him pick it up,’ one commented.

“He could have left you a card and made you go pick it up… as long as it didn’t say fragile,” wrote another.

He saved you by taking the round trip up the stairs. What a legend,’ said a third.

Others said the fault lay with the mail.

“All these people would be furious if it was the food delivery service that did that, your job is delivery, deliver it correctly,” said another TikTokker.

The postman is then seen walking away after tossing the package down the stairs.

The postman is then seen walking away after tossing the package down the stairs.


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