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The day that Rusherking and María Becerra had a fight, the world stopped. Or, at least, the part of the world constituted by social networks. The abrupt separation became a trend hours before both came out to confirm it and Twitter was filled with speculation, debate and many memes. But, after the moment, rumors of a possible reconciliation began to spread after both were seen in Mexico. But nevertheless, far from endorsing the theories, the artists posted a series of hints that tell a different story.

María Becerra was dating Rusher King
María Becerra was dating Rusher KingInstagram: @rusherking

Mary Becerra and Rusherking formed one of the relationships most loved by their fans. Every photo where they appeared together or musical collaboration that they made, quickly became the topic of conversation of the day. This did not prevent everything from ending in the worst way. There are endless courtships that come to an end on good terms and in which both parties continue as friends. But this would not be the case for musicians.

At the end of 2021, the little bird’s social network woke up with a series of violent tweets from Becerra. In them, the author of “My weakness” accused a person of having destroyed her self-esteem and of having ruined her life. Users quickly made the accounts and deduced that it was a message to who, at that time, was her boyfriend. In addition to this, a tweet from a young woman who claimed that her friend had witnessed a fight between María and Rusherking for alleged infidelity went viral.

María Becerra used Twitter to confirm that she separated from Rusher Kingg
María Becerra used Twitter to confirm that she separated from Rusher Kingg

Time after, The singer came out to clarify the many and confirmed the news. “I am sorry that I acted impulsively from my pain. I want to clarify that Rusherking and I are no longer a couple, “he said through the social network. Also, he noted: “Everything that needs to be resolved will be resolved in private”. Finally, he dedicated a heartfelt message to his fans: “I appreciate your concern!”

Rusherking's clarification on the rumors of infidelity of María Becerra
Rusherking’s clarification on the rumors of infidelity of María Becerra

For its part, the author of “Además de mi” decided to deny the versions that claimed that he had cheated on Becerra. “The truth to be clear, I was never unfaithful to Mari. What happened is that I met a girl when we were separated and when I came back I didn’t tell her and she found out now, “explained the ragpicker from Santiago del Estero, while indicating: “This was made public by mistake and is something we need to resolve privately, I appreciate your respect.”

A few days after the end of 2021, the influencer specializing in celebrity gossip, Juariu, analyzed the vacation posts of both artists and assured that they were reconciled. It is that, in a series of photos that they shared separately, the same details can be seen in the background. However, weeks later, the two tweeted violent messages on Twitter and all of their followers deduced that it was an undercover fight.

María Becerra's tweet that would supposedly be against Rusherking
María Becerra’s tweet that would supposedly be against Rusherkingtwitter
Rusherking's hint against María Becerra
Rusherking’s hint against María Becerratwitter

Becerra wrote: “Okay, I officially hate you”. An hour later, he said: “I want to attract attention.” Later, he clarified that he had decided to return to the platform despite the negative messages he received after the separation.

Rusherking announced that it is returning to Twitter
Rusherking announced that it is returning to Twittertwitter

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