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The president of the Political Coordination Board (JCP) of the Chamber of Senators and coordinator of the parliamentary group of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) party, Ricardo Monreal Ávila, affirmed that it is possible to materialize the three pending constitutional reforms in electrical matters, of National Guard and electoral politician of interest to the federal Executive.

At a press conference, he denied that there is a risk of being removed from the coordination of the Morenista caucus soon and that an alternate group is being formed within it.

“There is no alternative group, there is only one group, the Morena group; and each one of the 61 senators has their own opinion. Opinion is respected here in the group and decisions are made by majority.”

He assured that the disagreements arose from the Veracruz case.

“There is, therefore, no other group within Morena. We are going to fight together, the group is united and there are opinions regarding the subject of Veracruz. I already set my position. This was what has generated different opinions, but there is not, in terms of the agenda, any different problem”.

The pending constitutional reforms that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador “has announced as priorities,” he explained, must be approved by the equivalent of two thirds of the votes in the Chambers of Deputies and Senators, and he declared himself a conciliator.

“All three are constitutional reforms and all three require a qualified majority. A lot of consensus is required with all the parliamentary groups and that is why I believe that all three can be achieved; with a lot of dialogue and with a lot of conciliation, as we have done with the other constitutional reforms… This is not the time for internal divisions”.

In order to approve the president’s constitutional initiatives that are still pending, he said, the caucus that coordinates “must have a good relationship with all the parliamentary groups.

“I consider myself a man identified with social democracy. I am not a sympathizer of the extremes, my position is one of conciliation, because I believe that conciliation generates stability for us. We can reach the same port that we traced, with agreements and consensus…

“Which is my position? I am a coordinator and that is what, until now, in three years, I have been, and I have done my best,” he concluded.

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