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During the first days of the year, in intruders, from América TV, announced with great fanfare the first romance of the summer in Villa Carlos Paz: Freddy Villareal and Andrea Rincon.

Far from hiding, the actors, protagonists of the play the 39 steps, were shown together and, before each note, they denied the relationship with a smile, or responded evasively. With the clear intention of making them “step on the stick”, to launder their love or kiss live, the production of the shipment brought them together on a live mobile in which they had to, in the best Nicolino Locche style, dodge the indirect and concrete questions without being in evidence.

The result was a spicy and fun back and forth in which there was no lack of complicit looks and nervous smiles.

The 39 steps.  The successful comedy, now in Carlos Paz, was the reason that united this new couple?
The 39 steps. The successful comedy, now in Carlos Paz, was the reason that united this new couple?instagram

The intention of the program was seen from the beginning of mobile. “Here they are and they are coming the denial show”, Pablo Layús introduced them with the lake in the background. After the usual greeting, Rodrigo Lussich began the interview by congratulating Rincón on his role in the play. “The truth is that it is a pleasure for me to work alongside these great guys, who help me a lot. I came from doing drama and the truth is that for the moment we are living it was also necessary to do comedy. And I think this is a great school, because they are teaching me…”, commented the actress and looked at her partner. Thanks to the mention, Layús asked Freddy Villareal about his theater school and the actors threw flowers at each other.

After the moment of promoting the work, Adrián Pallares went straight to the point: “What’s up? You are free, you have no commitmentsThey are adults. Is there a chance to begin to believe and grow a much closer relationship?”.

The long silence was broken by the comedian. “Andrea, I think they are calling you”, slipped. “Let’s go to the bone guys, the day I’m dating I’m going to say it without any problem. I will never hide… Because it would be a lack of respect towards women as well, a being that I adore, who is the most wonderful being in the world, as she is, who is a woman, who already runs with that advantage … ”, continued Villarreal, who at first of his answer he was firm but then ended up entangled in the explanation: “If you ask me ‘Che, do you like Andrea?’ She is a beautiful woman in all aspects. That could have confused the many”, he added later, while she wouldn’t stop smiling.

Persistent, Layús said that in all seasons the actor is seen in some bar and that in this one he disappeared. “No, I was always in various places. I’m a single person who doesn’t like to be alone“, answered. Lussich took the opportunity to ask Andrea about Freddy’s daughter and the good relationship they achieved. “Jaz is a divine. The truth is that I told him and the mother that they did a very good job.

She’s a very good girl.” “That you say it publicly makes me proud,” he said, and the girls on the floor began to sigh. “They make a cute couple even if they don’t say it”exclaimed Karina Iavícoli, while Paula Varela began to ask for a drink.

“It shows that you are taking care of her. Although they do not speak, there are things that are transmitted and that go beyond the screen. Andrea looks very complete, very happy. What is missing so that tell the world this great love that I take for granted?”, Iavícoli asked, confirming the relationship.

Again the silence, which Rincón broke to say yes, there is love, that she loves him and that he helps her a lot. “Who tells you that I don’t end up being a great comedian, huh?” The actress tried to avoid. “For what you brought and you are fighting on stage, you are going great”, he completed, and again praised his partner. “It does not need anyone to take care of it because it has shown for some time now that it has been rebuilt in the best way she alone with all her lioness strength that she is. I’m not taking care of her. It would be an honor for me”, insisted Villareal while, on the floor, all the panelists watched the scene spellbound.

After telling that they had already had a first contact for work during the pandemic, which did not prosper and that they only met again in rehearsals, they explained that they live in the same complex in Carlos Paz by chance and that it was not something sought. What followed was an interview in which the journalists sought a statement and the interviewees responded evasively. “Freddy Villareal, you are the man to love that woman,” Pallares told him. “Guys, you can’t stop looking at each other, how cute”added Varela, and Lussich asked for a song by Ricardo Montaner: “It’s growing in love,” everyone at the table began to sing, while the couple? I didn’t know where to look.

When they were asked if they had any songs, Villarreal revealed an infidelity. “We have trips from the theater to home and we are doing one playlist that Andrea should renew it a little because it is very short. But I go more to the English. And the other time we fell into the nets of Cesar ‘Banana’ Pueyrredon”, he expressed, and left it itching. So easily did he leave the counter answer that immediately began to sound on the floor “When you love someone” first, and then “I do not want be your friend”. “What did Jasmine say about the relationship?”, “Who gave the first kiss?”… This is how the whole note continued, and although the couple did not put their love into words, everyone on the program was convinced that something happens between them.

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