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Pinamar (Special Envoy).- In contrast to the sunny days that were recorded during the first fortnight of January, intermittent rains, wind and clouds have become commonplace in Pinamar since last weekend.

Knowing that bad weather could last several days, some brave people approach the beach and unfold -when the gale allows them- their deckchairs and umbrellas. However, most choose to enjoy the many proposals that the game has to offer on days that are not quite summery.

Away from the uninhabited beaches, thousands of people take the opportunity to visit the central areas of Cariló, Pinamar and Valeria del Mar, where there is a significant amount of shopping malls, craft fairs and gastronomic venues.

The Apple Tree Walk in Cariló It looks like something out of a story and is a classic of the game. It has various premises and in the afternoon it becomes a nerve center of the area. While THE NATION runs through its little streets, two boys choose board games in a shop window. There are also those who take photos with the elves, while others look for a place to stop for a drink. The scenario is repeated in Valeria of the Sea, on Thomas Spore Avenue, and in Pinamar, over the traditional Bunge Avenue and North Pinamar.

Those who are not so fond of shopping and prefer a more adventurous outing also have alternatives. The less reckless can walk or run through different circuits located in the woods and on the beach, As the boulevard that connects the access to Pinamar with the North sector. Another option is the tree-lined Avenida Constancia, which starts from Route 11 and reaches almost to the beach in Cariló along the historic route, where the founder of the town began the plantations to create the great forest.

Holidays on cloudy days in the town of Cariló
Holidays on cloudy days in the town of CarilóHernan Zenteno

On these cloudy days, many choose to make a tour of the founding area of ​​Pinamar. The route includes the passage through natural viewpoints, ancient forests and houses of illustrious residents. What’s more, you can go up the 10 pedestrian walkways that were built above the dune and along the beach, from where there are imposing panoramic views. These circuits can not only transit you on foot, but also in adapted bicycles.

The more adventurous can take trips on quadricycles and electric motorcycles through the areas of safe corridors and also through Pinamar Norte. In addition -and depending on the characteristics of each beach-, these times are favorable for the practice of extreme sports such as surf. The favorite place for it is the area of ​​La Rambla Sur, in Ostende. Along these lines, it has been a rage for several summers now kite surfing on the beaches of Pinamar. Due to its winds, most practice it in the North, beyond the border. They are also organized 4×4 crossings through the dunes and horseback riding in the woods.

For those who enjoy the cultural atmosphere, the Secretary of Tourism highlights two unmissable proposals. They first mention the PEP (Pinamar Sculpture Park), with a collection of 60 sculptures by the most important artists of Argentine Contemporary Art placed in different public and private spaces of the seaside resort.

Holidays on cloudy days in The Eye and the Diamond
Holidays on cloudy days in The Eye and the DiamondHernan Zenteno

On the other hand, different houses of artists are open to the public, among which stand The Eye and The Diamond, in Valeria del Mar, with mosaic and glass-fusion workshops where you can also have tea; the Victor Magariños House Museum, on Avenida Libertador and Picaflores, with the permanent exhibition of the painter; Y Allona Experiences, an inspiring place that seeks to awaken the creativity of its visitors thanks to plastic artists, music and flavors. It is located at Av. Intermédanos 615.

Lastly, the Tower Municipal Theater It has presentations every day for children, adolescents and adults. “In its exhibition hall there will also be permanent exhibitions and artistic activations in four specific spaces,” they report from the municipality.

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