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The next Marvel movie, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, is set to be released this summer and the countdown has already begun. A new image that has surfaced online allegedly shows the film’s lead actor, Benedict Cumberbatch, working out at the gym, giving a never-before-seen look at his physique.

It’s no secret that superhero movies are physically demanding. Actors like Chris Hemsworth and Henry Cavill have worked for months to develop physiques impressive enough to portray superheroes on screen. However, given Doctor Strange’s different appearance and USP, one doesn’t expect Benedict to flaunt six-packs and a beefed-up body.

But that is exactly what is shown in an image apparently from the settings of the Multiverse in madness. The image, shared by various fan clubs on Twitter and Instagram, is titled: “A leaked photo of Benedict Cumberbatch’s behind-the-scenes workouts for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness!” It shows a shirtless Benedict doing dumbbell curls, showing off his bulky physique.

While some fans raised doubts about the image’s authenticity given that Benedict doesn’t sport the usual goatee he wears in the MCU, others clarified that previous set images also showed the actor without facial hair.

In 2016, while filming the first Doctor Strange movie, Benedict spoke to the British newspaper The Sun about the physical demands of the role. “It was very, very physically demanding. Not just getting all the minions, as they say in Wales, the power you need for superhero stuff. very little change and very little sleep and a baby at home and everything else,” he said.

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will see Benedict’s character dealing with the fallout from his failed multiverse-fracture spell from Spider-Man: No Way Home. Sam Raimi’s film also stars Elizabeth Olsen, Benedict Wong and Xochitl Gomez. Final reshoots for the film wrapped last week. It opens in theaters on May 22.

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