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Queretaro, Qro. After the drops in activity that the Construction Industry In recent years, 2022 is seen with more optimism, anticipating an increase in the development of public works.

The new president of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC) of Querétaro –for the period 2022-2024– Óscar Hale Palacios highlighted that the start of the year looks positive, considering that an increase of nearly 50% is expected in the state budget for works and actions, coupled with an increase of 17 % in the works budget of the capital administration.

“We are approximately over 9,000 million pesos (of the state budget in works and actions), more than it was last year, we can have this boost for the construction industry,” said Hale Palacios.

Only among the more than 9,000 million pesos of the state, plus the 1,200 million projected budget in works for the municipality of Queretaro and items from the rest of the municipalities, an expenditure of at least 11,000 million pesos in public works is projected during this year, he added.

From the delegation of CMIC, he said, they will fight to prioritize the participation of local builders in the execution of public works projects.

“We see a good picture. What we will work for as a construction chamber is that these works are carried out first by the members of the chamber, but above all that it be by the Queretaro construction industry, that these constructions be made by Queretanos,” he said.

The newly elected leader of the CMIC He stated that this initiative seeks to promote greater economic dynamism from the local level.

Hale Palacios recognized the challenge of diversification that persists among local builders who depend to a large extent on public works, for which one of his objectives in the leadership of CMIC It will be to promote the incursion of builders in private works, which at the state level has more weight than public works.

“We have pigeonholed ourselves a lot in public works, because it is a common practice that has been taken here in the chamber, that practically all those who enter develop public works; Of course, it is not a policy, but a custom that has been given, but we are also going to work hard for the private industry, which exercises practically 70% more than the public one”, he pointed out.

In October 2021, the state’s construction industry slowed down the annual growth rate that it had maintained since November 2020.

In the tenth month of last year, the production value of construction in the entity experienced an annual decrease of 19.1%, according to the National Survey of Construction Companies (ENEC), of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (inegi).

Before the fall, the industry accumulated eleven consecutive months with annual growth, from November 2020 to September 2021.

production value

In the accumulated from January to October 2021, the production value generated by the companies in the entity presented a growth of 11% compared to the same period of the previous year. However, in January-October 2020 it showed a drop of 30.7% in relation to the value of 2019.

Public works, from January to October 2021, decreased 20.6% compared to the previous year. Meanwhile, in the year in which the pandemic began, it grew 17.3% in relation to the previous period.

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