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With the addition of Darío Benedetto, the almost certain arrival of Nicholas Figal and the imminent arrival of Pol Fernández a Boca Juniors, Coach Sebastián Battaglia You will have the always difficult task of managing abundance. According to a report made by the journalists of the program F90 (ESPN), the technical director will have up to three players available per position.

Experienced professional, the turned columnist Cai Aimar He did not hesitate to stop the enthusiasm of his fellow students regarding the benefits of having a large campus. With moderation and wisdom, the champion of the Supercopa Sudamericana 89 anticipated: “Having all this, it’s not easy to deal with afterwards.”

Of course, Aimar’s comment sparked counterattacks everywhere. “It is better to have it, Cai”, opined the journalist Daniel Arucci, just like the animator Diego “Chavo” Fucks. In the same vein as his colleagues, Federico Bulos he complained: “You coaches want players to be brought to you, when you have them they say: ‘I don’t know who to put because there are so many.’ Go ahead”.

With a slightly higher tone of voice, Aimar replied to the journalists: “I tell you the following: here you have three per position. How the hell… do you do to leave everyone alone? To which Bulos replied: “Very easy. You’re Boca’s coach for a reason.” With the intention of qualifying his gaze, Timoteo Griguol’s former aide-de-camp conceded to the chronicler: “I say it’s troublesome.”

Ironically, the “Chavo” Fucks “I call Ivan Delfino, technician of Patronage, suggesting that the coaches of the “small” teams have “serious” problems, and that in the worst case, the coach’s job is to make decisions. Angry, “Cai” replied to the animator: “I’m not saying that you don’t have to make decisions, what those gentlemen have to understand when it’s not their turn to play, is that they don’t put on a cunt’s face… that later generate a qui … barbaric “. Emboldened, he explained: “When you manage these types of players, it’s a qui… Don’t believe it, huh. Or do you think it is so simple and easy to handle it?”.

Later in the debate, Bulos asked Aimar why Marcelo Gallardo, the DT of River Plate, his players do not express their discontent with gestures when they disagree with a decision. “Why don’t they give him a freak face?”, “Black” asked his colleague incisively. Without hesitation, Aimar replied: “Because today Gallardo handles everything, and he doesn’t give a c…, and you have to be outside; whatever your name is, you go outside”.

Asked by Bulos about how the “Muñeco” achieved that in River, Carlos replied: “winning”. In turn, Federico retorted him: “Battaglia has to do the same”. Meanwhile, Cai recalled that “Napoleon” has been running the millionaire club for eight years, while “Seba” has been running it for “half an hour.”

When the rapporteur mentioned to Aimar the conflict between Battaglia and Augustine Almond As a presumed example of the coach’s personality, the former coach dismissed the fact that credibility and support are obtained in this way, and concluded with a crude sentence: “You have to win on Sunday, and the other Sunday, beyond personality…”.

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