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  • Alpha Conde has sought medical treatment in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Guinea’s deposed former president left the West African state on Monday, although his immediate departure was not announced.
  • In a video released by the Guinean military on Tuesday, Conde is seen traveling to an unidentified airport, where he boarded a plane.

Guinea’s deposed former president sought medical treatment in the United Arab Emirates after he left the country earlier this week, the ruling junta said on Tuesday.

Alpha Conde left the West African state on Monday, according to government officials who requested anonymity, following a military coup in September last year.

The Guinean army did not announce the 83-year-old man’s departure at the time.

But on Tuesday, it released a video showing Conde – closely watched by the military since taking power – dressed in a suit and traveling to an unidentified airport, where he boarded a plane.

“It is urgent that I go to treat myself, that is my concern,” said the former leader. I’m sure they’ll take good care of me.

His release was one of the demands of the West African bloc ECOWAS following last year’s coup, along with holding elections within six months.

Conde, who ruled Guinea for about a decade, sparked mass protests in 2020 after pushing for a constitutional change that allowed him to seek a third term.

He then won a violently contested October election, which the political opposition denounced as a sham. Dozens of protesters were killed in riots across the country.

He was deposed last September in a military coup and held incommunicado for 12 weeks before the junta allowed him to stay with his wife in the suburbs of the capital Conakry.

On December 31, Conde obtained authorization to travel abroad for a month to seek medical attention.

His departure comes after Guinean judicial authorities opened an investigation in January into alleged crimes committed under his watch.

A former opposition activist who spent decades in exile, Conde became Guinea’s first democratically elected president in 2010, was re-elected in 2015 and raised hopes of a new political dawn in the former French colony.

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