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CORDOBA.- The coronavirus left out the opening night of the Cosquín National Folklore Festival to the two main figures: Jairo and Jorge Rojas. Both were scheduled as central artists of the first gala, next Saturday the 22nd, but they got infected and are isolated The duo Juan Carlos Baglietto and Lito Vitale and the artist John Sources were incorporated into the grid for that day.

Those who already have the tickets and want to return them, can do so. Rojas already has a new scheduled date: he will perform next Wednesday 26. In the case of Jairo, no rescheduling has been announced at the moment.

The Cordovan artist performed last Saturday to a full stadium at the National Dressage and Folklore Festival of Jesús María. That night – in which Soledad Pastorutti was also present – opened the show and moved the audience by singing with her son Yaco and his grandson Francisco, 16 years old.

2021 was a tough year for the artist born in Cruz del Eje; in July his wife Teresa Sainz de Los Terreros died, his life partner for more than 50 years. They married in 1972 and had four children: Iván, Yako, Mario and Lucía.

Jorge Rojas rescheduled his show for Wednesday 26, on the fifth moon of Cosquín
Jorge Rojas rescheduled his show for Wednesday 26, on the fifth moon of CosquínDiego Lima – THE NATION

A month and a half later, The actress Agustina Posse passed away who was a partner for almost 20 years of Yaco González, his son. Although the couple had been separated for two years, they maintained an excellent relationship and they were still a family.

The tickets for the festival starting on saturday They are already on sale at various points in Cosquín and the city of Córdoba and, online, through the Paseshow platform. The entrance The cheapest general price is 1,300 pesos and the most expensive, 1,600 pesos. the most expensive, stalls Inti (in front of the stage) reaches 5400 pesos, but there are nights of 2700 pesos. Prices for other sectors of the square -always depending on the day- range between 2,100 and 4,500 pesos.

To enter the Próspero Molina square where the Cosquín festival takes place it is mandatory to have a health passport, be in version printed or virtual. It will be required from everyone over 13 years of age and with the purchase of tickets, the customer accepts the requirement. It is probable that in some clubs they also ask for it.

Los Nocheros and Roxana Carabajal will be the featured artists on Sunday 23 and, the next day they are announced: The Carabajal and the Chaqueño Palavecino. Victor Heredia, Nahuel Penissi and Abel Pintos they are the central attraction of the fourth night. The next they will be Luciano Pereyra and Ahyre. That and the sixth -with Pedro Aznar, Destino San Javier and Soledad Pastorutti-, are the most expensive tickets and also those with the highest sales expectations.

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