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The substitute driver F90 (ESPN) Diego “Chavo” Fucks He made a show of his memory this Tuesday by remembering the full names of his teammates and some well-known former players. As revealed, the habit of having knowledge of the subject was given by his love of the magazine The graphic, where the soccer players were mentioned by their full denomination.

In a notoriously relaxed climate, and in the framework of a January without much official sports activity in the country and the continent, Fucks, who acts as entertainer while Sebastian Vignolo he’s on vacation, he introduced his classmates… but without omitting any of its denominations.

“Mister Roberto Antonio LetoHow are you doing?” “Chavo” said to his colleague, who responded surprised: “Yes, sir, very well, Antonio.” And he admitted that it is knowledge that few people have about him in the media. While, Marcelo Benedetto praised the driver for his ability to remember: “Great memory Diego.”. The sports commentator then explained where his obsession with remembering middle names came from. “Magazine The graphic tare got me”, he confessed. Indeed, in said publication, the full name of the protagonists about whom it was spoken was written.

Fucks said that even if the protagonists had more than two names, they were also written in their entirety. At that moment, the animator remembered that one of the cycle’s columnists has three names: Daniel Andres Alfredo Arcucci”. And he said that he himself is called “Diego Horacio Fucks”. Known for his memory, the driver recalled that Federico Bulos has a name before the “main”. “Leonardo Federico Bulos”, he pointed out.

Reveal the unknown full names of F90 ​​journalists

Already in the pass between F12 Y F90, the cheerleader Luciana Rubinska He confessed that he has only one name and said he felt “a toad from another well” in the conversation because of his characteristic. Columnist Leonardo Gabes explained that he also has only one name, after which the host added: “Alcoyan Alcoyan! would say Berugo Carambula”. Along those lines, Fucks said that Vignolo doesn’t have second or third names either. For his part, the panelist Leo Paradise He said that his middle name is “Gabriel”.

Finally, the seasoned chroniclers evoked the most emblematic full names of historical Argentine soccer players. Fucks admitted: “I loved saying Jorge Alberto Francisco Valdano”, After which Arcucci recalled that even the former striker had a second surname: Castellanos. In turn, Bulos recalled what the full name of a former River Plate goalkeeper and current soccer coach is like: “German Adrian Ramon Burgos”.

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