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Our country is headed for self-destruction. We have been wasting extraordinary democracy for too long by poorly choosing our representatives. But it is not the fault of a political caste, as is sometimes maintained. In reality, it is the consequence of wills and attitudes, individual or collective, that, as a society, we have carried out by action or omission. There have been decades of minimizing the importance and result of our popular vote, and when we have chosen well we have not known how to accompany our leaders in their eagerness to lead us towards a better future.

Today we are overwhelmed by a nefarious populism that only strives for the privileges of power, abusing it to dominate us and curtail our rights. There is no interest or effort in solving the serious problems that we suffer. It is not concerned with improving education or eliminating child malnutrition. It makes no effort to protect our lives against the risks of insecurity, and allows the exponential growth of the advance of drug traffickers and mafias. Nor does it prioritize health with free and extensive access to all possible vaccines and tests to defeat this terrible pandemic. It shames us in the international arena by protecting terrorists and aberrant dictatorships. On the contrary, this discursive populism has nothing of a really popular and equitable ideology, nor interest in improving the miserable living conditions of millions of compatriots who lack the most basic goods such as water, work and housing. It is only dedicated to individual achievements of impunity to avoid consequences of the enormous public corruption. Of course, with absolute disregard for order, law and institutions.

When self-destruction is so inevitable, there are no middle ground or magic solutions. There is not and there will be no enlightened person who can reverse this sinking alone. The only path left to us is the true and profound change

We Argentines have everything, and we have nothing. And it is the whole of society, each of us responsible for our grim fate. Because while some stayed with the dignity of millions of citizens submerged in the most humiliating poverty and want to destroy any possibility of development, the rest let them do it, even believing again. We have all allowed and consented. The current government is a perverse system that attacks our freedom, and handles our rights as banners of policies that invade them without any respect.

This is how we are, heading towards the abyss of uncontrolled public spending, pretending to maintain power with prebends and lies at the expense of the efforts of the entire society. Of those of us who pay more and more taxes while we tolerate spending on absurd priorities, while others only have the option of subsidiary dependency that leaves them in deep abandonment.

We all know that they lie to us, that poverty increases, that inflation eats away at our salaries, adjusting our possibilities of accessing increasingly basic goods and services. Our society is aware that we do not have good education or public health, and that justice has become an inefficient and slow journey without answers. We all listen indignantly that some judges prefer to flaunt their political leanings and active participation in ideological groups, rather than dedicate themselves to perfecting their judiciary with absolute impartiality. We get used to and naturalize inefficiency, abuse of power and the immense chain of obstacles to being able to produce and grow.

That is why, when self-destruction is so inevitable, there are no intermediate alternatives or magic solutions. There is not and there will be no enlightened person who can reverse this sinking alone. The only path left to us is true and profound change. A renaissance that requires essential attitudes, behaviors and decisions from all of society. Without a doubt, in the political arena we must have honest and courageous leadership that is willing to lead firmly. But it also imposes on all of society that we are up to embracing these new goals, even knowing that the road will require a lot of effort and sacrifice. In the first place, this change demands trust from us because once and for all, from the political leadership we must have honest and generous conduct that only works with the interest of service and efficiency. We must set the example.

Yes, ending the privileges of power requires transparency and sacrifice, and achieving real common and equitable benefits requires breaking mafia structures. It has to be done. It looks like a winding road, but it’s our last chance. This is not a time for weaknesses or opportunism, we cannot give ourselves the luxury of selfish speculation.

Being reborn will lead us to greater internal productive growth and international expansion. We are going to be able to better exploit our valuable agro-industrial, mining, fishing and energy resources. We will be able to improve the performance of our SMEs and create more real work. We will have a strong currency and stable rules over time to provide legal certainty and promote investment. We will be able to count on a quality education, accessible to all and according to the 21st century that offers real job opportunities. We will have a healthy, trained and committed police force that can count on the necessary authority to impose order. Judicial processes will be brief with simple and accessible procedures. We will end the trial industry as well as the denigrating use of procedural tools to extend it unlimitedly. There will be no union gang or perverse membership systems that only benefit the delinquency of their leaders. We will stop having a parasitic State to make it efficient and transparent in the use of public accounts. We will spend less and eliminate distorting taxes, producing and exporting more. We would improve profitability throughout the chain of creation and marketing of agricultural products. We would adapt labor laws to protect injustices but eliminate the ill-intentioned squeezes and abuses that bankrupt companies. We would work side by side, entrepreneurs, producers, merchants and employees so that we can all grow. We would make criminal law a true code of life in society with firm consequences and exemplary conduct. No more excuses, no more contemplations. We would have peace.

And it would not be an illusory heavenly movie, it could be our happy future, we could be reborn.

The question we must ask ourselves is whether we are willing. If we can live up to this decision. Yes, the entire society that has been part of the problem will be able to be part of the solution. I am convinced that this time, more than ever in our history, the reborn future that we undoubtedly want needs 45 million convinced wills. We agree?

Former Secretary of State of the Ministry of National Security

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