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After giving the scoop on his departure from team flower in their social networks and to confirm it the next day on the air in their program, Florencia Peña would have received a special request from Telefe: to stay until Friday, February 4 (and not until January 28 or 31 as I had planned) to the front of the morning dispatch to give the channel a little more time to see how to reassemble the morning and the program.

Finally, the channel reached a decision: together with Kuarzo’s producer, they agreed that the cycle continue with the same staff (already without Campi or Marcelo Polino), but with a new driver.

Although the first option for that slot had been the one already announced (it is with the promos on the air) Georgina Barbarossa’s new show, kitchen stories, the truth is that the actress and host is currently doing theater in Villa Carlos Paz (with the play Una noche en el hotel), which made it difficult for her to conduct a daily live broadcast.

Zaira Nara was immediately thought of, who, although his contract with Telefe has already ended, is a more than familiar face for the public of the channel that even had already replaced Florencia Peña on other occasions (the most remembered, last December, in the middle of the so-called WandaGate, when he called his older sister live).

The sisters Zaira and Wanda could be the great hook of the relaunch of the cycle
The sisters Zaira and Wanda could be the great hook of the relaunch of the cycle

Some dare to say that for this new Zaira debut they will try have a hand in hand between the sisters Zaira and Wanda Nara, something similar to what they did at some point in Morph, when Zaira was the driver with Gerardo Rozin. In the coming days, work will be done to reinforce the cycle not only with more panelists, but also with new content.

It should be clarified that, if the cycle continues and resists this new stage, it could end up changing the schedule, since the rumors that continue to circulate for that space (from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.) are those of the expected landing of Ángel de Brito with a new cycle of shows, Produced by Mandarin. To date, none of the three parties involved -Ángel de Brito, Telefe and Mandarina- deny or confirm that version.

In the event that this happens, we will have to see what happens just with the Barbarossa program and with what promises to be one of the most competitive time slots in 2022, with the landing of Adrián Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich on the screen of eltrece already made official.

Brito he just returned this week from his vacation in Uruguay and for the moment it is his producer who negotiates all the details about that possible agreement with his new destination and channel.

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